Sunday, July 21, 2013

☆ Miss Alphabet Review ☆

Today I have another lovely review to offer you guys~! (I'm going to try my best to review a lot of products within the next few weeks to give you an idea of some great places to shop!)

This particular review is for the webshop, Miss Alphabet! Now, I have always been extremely drawn to this shop once I saw her posting on the fairy kei tag on tumblr. I think, well when it comes to me looking at all shops, uniqueness is something that I find really appealing- Miss Alphabet's shop has an abundance of this! I find that her clothing really represents the 80s roots of fairy kei, and it's nice to see clothing that emulates the original concept, and doesn't just get lost in pastels. Her shop has a variety of cute clothes and accessories that aren't afraid to use colors, and bold prints! I must say, I was truly excited to be ordering from her.

So, I guess onto the review, right?


I ordered a pair of her Teddy Bear Hot Pants in which I intend to use on my otakon adventures~! Immediately after ordering the shorts I received a nice invoice message on etsy letting me know that she received my purchase, and would be sending the shorts off! And when I got the shorts, let me tell you I was not disappointed!

The shorts not only arrived super fast (within a couple of days!) but the package was covered in cute little stickers!

(not just stickers, but a Lisa Frank sticker! totally wicked~)

Upon opening the package, I not only received my shorts but a cute little package as well- it felt like Christmas~ (again... hmmm.. I said that in my last review too, didn't? I just really love receiving packages in the mail ;w;)

 Of course, being me, I excitedly opened the package before even trying the shorts on- and guess what? More stickers! As well as little Miss Alphabet pin and a handwritten note~

One thing I LOVE about some shops is when they include little things like this (especially notes!) because it feels like they really care about their customers, and their business (brownie points for Miss Alphabet~!). I decided to add the pin to my fairy kei button vest and I put a few stickers on my phone as well:

Now, onto the actual shorts, right?

Well, besides being amazingly cute, something that really struck me about these shorts were that they are extremely well made! They are completely professional. All of the seams are intact, there are no loose threads, and honestly they look like something you could buy from a store- (which is a good thing, trust me!) The quality of the sewing was really phenomenal, and I was so pleased with it!

I also just really loved the little details on the shorts~! The yellow lace that's attached at the bottom is super soft, stretchy, and has cute sequins on it !

(Plus, the print is just to die for. It reminds me of Little Twin Stars!)

So something I was worried about when ordering hot pants was the fit of them- "were they going to be too tight? maybe too big? or would they just look really bad"- well thankfully, all of these worries were wrong! The shorts fit fabulously.

The material they are made of is really stretchy, but also really comfortable. I was pleased to know also that the print didn't stretch awkwardly, and the lace hugged my legs perfectly and didn't hurt, or ride up.

Originally I was just going to use the shorts for my otakon coordinate, and then some cute sleeping shorts but I'm also going to use them to rave in!
(sorry for looking like poop- it was quite a hot day ;3;)

Overall I can say that I'm completely obsessed with these shorts! There are absolutely no flaws whatsoever~

Now then, onto my overall shop ratings!


Shipping: 10/10

My package arrived fast, safe, and with cute stickers attached! What's not to love? I also received a personal invoice message from the owner on Etsy- so I knew that I was being taken care of!

Quality: 10/10

Again, I was really astounded by the quality of these shorts! I find that sometimes I worry about ordering clothing off of etsy because you never really know how well the sewing is going to be- But wow, were these shorts well made! Everything about them was completed perfectly, and I know they are going to be extremely durable.

Designs: 10/10

Miss Alphabet really offers a lot of cute fairy kei inspired clothing that almost reminds me a lot of Spank! but still being completely original. Her choice of prints, solids, and overall clothing design is just really cool. Again, I feel like a lot of clothes in the community nowadays can get rather repetitive  and that's definitely not the case with Miss Alphabet. Not only are they all cute and creative, but also really versatile. Take my shorts, for example- I will be able to wear them with a large variety of different coordinates! (And boy, am I excited!)

Overall Customer Satisfaction: 10/10

I can't even express how happy I was after ordering from Miss Alphabet! It was really a treat, buying these shorts, and I know I will be buying again from her in the future! I couldn't have been happier!


On a last side note here, another thing that I found truly appealing about the shop is how she caters to all body types! I definitely have a booty on me and sometimes it's hard to find clothes that well... fit! Many cute pastel shops tend to only cater to smaller sizes, and it always ends up being disappointing. Miss Alphabet though has a large variety of sizes that I know will be appealing to different audiences.


Thanks so much to everyone who has read this review, and of course a big thanks to Miss Alphabet! You have made me a very happy pastel lover~ I look forward to buying from you again in the future!

Way to go Miss Alphabet~! You get an A++ in my book!


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