Saturday, May 10, 2014

~*~ Kawaii Power Up Review ~*~

Hi cuties!! I know I'm always apologizing for my absence but... I have been extremely busy with work lately, and it's been very difficult to find time to log on every now and then! But today, here I am with a new review for all of you...! This time around I will be reviewing the adorable shop Kawaii Power Up!

A couple of weeks back the owner of Kawaii Power Up had messaged me via tumblr about possibly sending me a few items. I admit at first, I hadn't really heard of Kawaii Power Up before. After checking out the esty site... well, I was amazed!! Everything the shop offers is unbelievably cute and it was shocking to me that more people weren't talking about it. So with this review it is my goal to spread the word of the adorable shop, and hopefully you will find it as pleasant as I do!

KPU (as I will be referring to it during the rest of the review) offers a large variety of goodies including hair clips, necklaces, charms ect. My favorite items happen to be the hair clips, being a decora kid of course. But really I've found that the designs are extremely unique and much more detailed than a lot of shops I've seen! So naturally I was really excited when getting my package in the mail!

When the package arrived, everything was packed neatly into this envelope. The front was decorated with a cute musical design and the back had a little note on it to remind the post office not to crush the package in the mail which was super nice because when dealing with hand made accessories you often have to be careful~!

All of the contents were wrapped neatly in bubble wrap to further prevent any damage! I also received a few business card and a very sweet hand written note~ ;3; (which I will be putting on my wall with some other sweet letters I've gotten c;)
At this point I still wasn't quite sure what I was receiving, so it was very exciting to open each bubble wrapped package.

The first bubble wrap package contained... a cute bunny bag! Ahh, I have such a weakness for cute packaging (and bunnies. always bunnies.)

Inside the bag contained this adorable donut necklace, as well as another little bag.

I'm absolutely in love with this necklace! The design itself is really cute, and I'm a fan of the actual shape of the donut. It has a mint colored frosting as well as a lot of cute sprinkles! I was also extremely happy with the length, as it falls at a nice spot on my chest so I could really wear a t-shirt or even a low cut shirt with it. 

As far as construction is concerned, it is made really well! The resin is finished perfectly with no evident flaws, the necklace is fastened, the chain won't appear to break, and the necklace itself is extremely sturdy! I'm very excited to be wearing this with some of my donut themed coordinates!

The next item in the bag was this cute Kawaii Power Up necklace!

The necklace features the stores mascot cutout on a heart shaped resin with lots of multi colored confetti inside as well as jewels decorating the outside! The colors of this necklace are really cute, and remind me a lot of more old school themed Harajuku looks! This necklace is a lot longer than the donut one, and I can see myself wearing a lot in my everyday life in addition to wearing it with j-fashion coordinates.

Just as the donut necklace was, this heart shaped KPU necklace was made just as well! There were no flaws in the resin and everything was incredibly sturdy c:

Now, moving onto the next bubble wrapped goodies!

Just as the necklaces were packed, the next set of items were also in a cute bunny bag! This group happened to be...

...hairclips! Oh gosh, this got me very excited! (haha, I'm such a deco kid goodness gracious) But really! What made me so excited were all of the cute designs of the different clips I was sent.

The first clip was one that said "sweet" in a pastel goth sort of dripping font! The base is a peachy color, and the main letters are a cute mint. On the back there's an alligator clip which extremely secure! I'm really happy when I get hairclips that use alligator clips because I find them to be the most comfortable and durable of all of the different types of clips. The resin that this was made out of is also very sturdy, as well as thick! It's not flimsy at all so it will last a long time.

Next I received this sweet bow clip! I'm always very fond of anything that includes bows, and I think it's a nice change of pace to have a resin bow clip instead of always using fabric ones! this clip is also a peachy color which as a solid base, and then a more translucent top layer which has a lot of cute confetti in it! This makes the bow look very sparkly! This clip also used an alligator clip and was very well made. 

The next item is this sweet bone clip! Bone clips are great for any creepy cute themed outfit, or even if you just want to spice up your everyday look. What I liked about this one compared to some of the bone clips I've received in the past is the color! It's much more of a peachy shade versus your traditional pale pink. Just as the clips before, this clip was made very well and the clip on the back is super sturdy!

Next are these precious star clips! Star clips are really an essential to any sort of kawaii jfashion wardrobe because stars are a very common theme. Especially when wearing decora you want to have lots of different shapes for your clips so your headpiece doesn't look to repetitive, so star clips really help spruce up your look! KPU sent me two clips: one that was a peachy orange color and was a star cutout; the next was more of a matte mint color and it was a whole star~

And again~ Just as the other clips I received were- Both are impeccably made! There are no flaws in the resin, and all of the edges are clean. Both clips are attached well, and will hold up very nicely c;

After receiving such cute goodies I was really excited to open my last baggie! The owner had mentioned sending me a crown item, so of course I was anxious to see what I might have gotten~

Annnnnnd....! Oh gosh! This is just to die for~! To be quite honest I don't think I've ever really seen a hair clip with  a design like this before! Its a cute white crown with mint accents, as well as an m&m and a cute lil lollipop! The design is just so unique and is great for all of you prince and princess out there! I'm really thrilled to have gotten it because well.... being Prince... I can never have enough crown items!

Kawaii Power Up as a lot of other different crown designs, some that even have game controllers on them! I would definitely check it out if you're looking for a fun new hair accessory c:

Now I always save my favorite items for last! I noticed KPU has a lot of different bunny clips- some with wings, some with hearts, ect! Now if you know anything about me, you'll know I am very... Passionate about my buns. So naturally this next item was by far my favorite!

The clip was a combination of a lavender bunny, mint star, yellow heart, as well as a couple other stars going across the top! Ahh this is seriously the cutest hair clip I own~! Not only is it unbearably precious but it's also incredibly sturdy! I've found in the past that a lot of this multi-piece clips have a tendency to break extremely easily but this one will do no such thing!

This clip, unlike the others, has a much larger alligator clip due to its size! I feel like the clip also adds to the construction of the item because I believe it most likely helps hold everything together! I think one of the reasons I'm so drawn to this clip is because it really is a statement piece! It has all of the features that anyone would need in a decora look but just all together in one clip, and I think it's going to match brilliantly with my wardrobe!


When it came to taking cute pictures with these new cuties, I didn't actually wear decora because I didn't want the pictures to be overwhelming and instead I wanted to showcase the new clips!

Later in the week I will have some more photos showcasing how I can use these clips in decora! In the mean time though, some of these harajuku cuties can be used as examples for what sort of decora looks would look cute with KPU's accessories!

As you can see, big star clips are extremely popular in the japanese decora scene so I think Kawaii Power Up goodies would work so nice~~!

(For more street snap photos please check out


Now for the overall shop review!

Shipping: 10/10

All of the items were wrapped in little baggies and then bubble wrapped and then packed neatly in the envelope! On the back of the package there was even a little note to the post office to be careful while shipping. All of the items came with no damages, plus the packaging itself was super cute! 

Quality: 10/10

Every item that I received was made impeccably! There were no scratches, holes, ect in the resin, plus it was all finished smoothly! Necklaces had durable chains and all of the hairclips had alligator clips that were attached firmly! On top of that, all of the resin items were very thick and will hold up for a long time. 

Design: 10/10

Kawaii Power Up has a lot of very unique designs as well as a lot of traditional ones! They use bright as well as soft colors, glitter, and a lot of adorable shapes! Certain things like the bunny and crown hair clip are extremely unique and I've never seen anything like them before! I was more than pleased with all of the precious designs. 

Overall Customer Satisfaction: 10/10

I can honestly say that Kawaii Power Up will be my go to shop for all of my decora and fairy kei needs! I highly recommend this shop if you're looking for a place to buy cute accessories for decora, fairy kei, lolita, or any sweet fashions! I'm extraordinarily happy with everything I've received and I can't wait to see what this shop produces in the future! 

Happy shopping kiddos! Add some fun to your wardrobe~~!

(And I hope the review turned out alright~! I had some technical difficulties photographing everything so I admit it's not my best work- and I am quite exhausted from work this week so I apologize for any mistakes! I hope you all enjoyed the review anyway c;)