Friday, December 27, 2013

☆ Geek Sugar Puffs Review ☆

Hi cuties~! I hope everyone has been enjoying the holidays c:

Today I have another review for you... The other month, Jade, the owner of Geek Sugar Puffs contacted me about reviewing and modeling for her store! I was very excited because I'm always up for looking into new stores- and I had remember seeing pictures of her items on my dashboard on tumblr, all of which were insanely cute. So here I am now with a review of my experience with her shop and all of the adorable little goodies she sent me- enjoy~ !


I am located in the US and Geek Sugar Puffs ships from Canada and I had no problem receiving the package. Everything came in this envelope clearly labeled fragile, and it had cute stickers on the outside! I love it when the packages have stickers on them because it makes it so much more fun to find them in the mailbox~ (≧ω≦)

Everything came wrapped up in smaller packaging- which was a surprise, but definitely a good surprise. My biggest fear when receiving hand made jewelry and accessories (or even, anything fragile in the mail) is that it will break. Geek Sugar Puffs took the time to not only wrap everything up individually, but wrap it on cute paper that included their logo- I cannot even explain my joy when opening all of this up- it really just made me so happy and all I could think was "Wow, they definitely deserve some bonus points in this department~" hehe ( ಠ◡ಠ )

Naturally I opened the one including the letter first. The outside of the plastic had a sticker with my nickname on it which was soooo cute. How adorable!

Inside was not only a business card and a cute letter, but also stickers and pins! I'm very excited to put the pins on my fairy kei vest- the designs are so precious.

After looking through all of those things, I couldn't wait to see what Jade had sent me!

First I'll review the fluffy heart hair clip!

Fuzzy hairclips are definitely a must for any shop that sells fairy kei accessories! This one is especially cute because the fluff is a lot tighter than some of the other ones I've seen or own. The yarn still maintains a fluffy texture without have any stray threads or "fluffs" (for a lack of better words hehe) I also really like the color of it! Its a light yellow with little rainbow bits throughout.

On the back is an alligator clip which is attached well, and is sturdy.

Overall it's a very cute and well made accessory!


Staying on the theme of hair accessories, next we have pastel bone clips!

I received a pale blue and lavender clip, and on their etsy there are 5 different colors you can choose from~! The clips are very sturdy, and a good size- They would be cute worn alone, or even with a lot of accessories. The finishing on them is also really nice- all of the edges are smooth, and there aren't any evident chips or flaws.

On the back of them there are alligator clips which seem to be durable, and placed efficiently.


The last hair accessory I got was this super cute lavender and pink bow!

What I like about this bow is the simple design- Its a large pink ribbon with lavender lace layered on top. Both the ribbon and lace are made from quality materials, and since the design isn't as complicated as some bows it has a very light quality to it.

When it comes to craftsmanship, the bow is made well and there are no awkward seams, or glue gun strings.

Something that needs to be mentioned though which I actually personally really enjoyed is the fact that the alligator clip is not attached to the back. This is something not as commonly seen in the fairy kei community, but its actually how I personally make my bows. Since the center ribbon of the bow is thin its much easier so slip the clip through the fabric than worry about where to glue it. 

When purchasing any from her store, it does mention in the description that it is not glued, which is good so people aren't expecting it to be. Again, this was not a problem for me but I just thought it would be important to point out.


Now time to review the necklaces~

Just as everything else had come, this necklace was packaged in plastic and was attached to a cute piece of stationary with the shop logo. It also had cute star cut outs to string the necklace through which was a cute touch.

As far as the design is concerned, it reminds me a lot of magical girl jewelry! Has all of these little 3d stickers as well as stars, and glitter inside the resin. All of the colors are so cute, and very easy to coordinate! I also really like how instead of having your traditional ball chain, it had a very thin one. This necklace chain is short and would look cute as a standalone piece for a casual day, or layered with lots of different necklaces for a decora look! (I can't wait to pair it with some mahou shoujo themed outfits!) (◡‿◡✿)

Construction was also great! There were no air bubbles and the resin was finished smoothly. The hook at the top was also attached sturdy, and will not be breaking any time soon.


The second necklace I received is probably one of my favorite resin necklaces that I own!

This one was on your traditional ball chain except it is white~! The details inside the necklace are also to die for. Between the mixture of the stars, sweet treats, and the My Melody sticker, it is easily one of my favorite designs.

I think what really draws me to it is how much the colors stand out against the white base! It's incredibly magical. (。♥‿♥。)

Just like the other necklace, it is incredibly well made with no errors.

So lastly, my spotlight product for this shop.... Is actually the adorable little ice cream ring I received. And I must be honest, part of that is because of the packaging (which might sound weird, but let me explain...)

I usually never order rings offline. I actually buy cheap rings from the dollar store, or wait until I'm at a convention to buy something- It's just because they always break, without fail. Geek Sugar Puffs on the other hand wrapped the ring in such a creative, clever way that it came to me safely completely unharmed.

How cute is that! Surrounded by all of those pompoms in a cute little bag was definitely the way to go. Now not only do I have a ring, I also have some pompoms for crafting haha! But really, opening this was just quite exciting.

I guess now to actually review the ring itself-

The ring is a pink and blue (with a little bit of yellow) ice cream swirl ring. It's made from a light material, and doesn't appear to be extremely fragile! I wore it out for a day to test the durability of the ring and was pleasantly pleased afterwards. The ring base is adjustable too, so it can fit a variety of hand sizes.

Overall the construction is great, and I think this ring will in fact last me a while unlike some other ones I have owned in the past~!

When I wore it I styled it with a sweet treats themed decora look~! Suuuuper cute!


Now that I have reviewed each product individually, now onto the overall shop review!

Shipping: 10/10

If I could give Geek Sugar Puffs more than a 10/10, I definitely would! Everything arrived safely, and not only that but everything inside the package was wrapped individually in plastic and on stationary with the store logo. Because of the careful attention to the packaging, nothing was damaged during the shipment. The package also arrived quickly despite being from Canada (I'm located in the US). Overall. I had a great experience with the shipping from Geek Sugar Puffs!

Quality: 10/10

The quality on every item I received was perfect! Any hair accessory had alligator clips neatly attached and resin items were finished with no air bubbles, chips, or dents. The ring was also attached safely to the ring base and it does not appear that it will detach any time soon. Each item was also incredibly durable, so I don't have to worry about fragility.

Design: 10/10

All of the designs were precious~! There was a mixture of more unique design such as the resin necklaces, with some more simple classic fairy kei looks like the fluffy clip. Overall, I was very happy with all of the designs! I especially loved all of the cute colors c:

Overall Customer Satisfaction 10/10

I really don't think it's possible for me to be any happier than I already am. This shop is definitely going at the top of my list for cute etsy stores! Everything was so well made, and so cute and I think a large variety of people would really like this shop!


Thank you so much for reading my review! I hope you enjoyed it~! Please feel free to comment with any questions, or, share your experience with the store Geek Sugar Puffs. 

Happy shopping everyone!

Look forward to seeing my photos featuring Geek Sugar Puffs on my tumblr, as well as look forward to reading my next review for Kittywood Designs.

( ´∀`)☆