Sunday, March 29, 2015

Holley Tea Time Review: Sweater

Hey cuties~! I redid my blog theme a bit, do you like it? I decided to use my new youtube header at the top but honestly I still want to change it. But I don't have photoshop right now so that's a little difficult. I guess that's just another thing to add to the list. Anyway~ !! Today I'm bringing you a new review!! I'm doing things a little differently as far as my photos are concerned, though. I edited them a little more and decided to post them through Flickr hoping the photo quality would be a little better! (I noticed blogspot has been killing my photo quality recently so hopefully this well help.)
Now onto the review~!!


I'm so excited to be bringing you another Holley Tea Time review!


If you've read any of my reviews in the past you'll know that I am quite a huge fan of Holley Tea Time's shop. If you haven't heard of it, Holley Tea Time is a shop+brand (owned by designer Holley) which specializes in goods perfect for Japanese street fashions such as fairy kei, decora, sweet lolita, etc! Not only does she offer sickeningly sweet accessories but Holley is also a fabulous artist who prints her designs on clothing too! She has everything from skirts, to leggings, to dresses and... Even sweaters! Which is what I'll be reviewing today~~! I'm so incredibly blessed that Holley continues to want to work with me because I am such a fan of her work and I just love sharing it with all of you! I've always had such a great experience with her and the past and this time around was no exception!


Alrightie! So Holley mailed out my package via priority mail! 


When ordering from Holley your package can be shipped either with priority mail or first class mail! The expected arrival date depends on where you are located but typically for the United States it will arrive within 5 days. Something to take note of though is that many items in Holley's shop are made to order! That means they can take from 4-8 weeks to process before being shipped. This particular item is ready to ship but I always recommend reading the products information and Holley Tea Time's FAQ before ordering so you know what to expect!


The sweater arrived safe and sound wrapped in plastic! Along with a sweater there was also another little package inside. So before I show you that, let's take a look inside the envelope!


Inside the envelope was a cute sheer baggie with lots of goodies inside!


Inside the bag Holley included: A necklace, a letter, a business card, and stickers! Since Holley is not only a designer but also an artist, all of her business cards are designed by herself! They are SO incredibly cute! Her business card features the same kawaii girl from her banner and has address to her shop as well as Facebook like page. 


The letter that Holley sent with my package had all of these cute drawings on the envelope!! As I said before I really love Holley's art so it's sooooo cool to now have this envelope with her drawings on it! I'll definitely be saving this c:


The letter inside was written on this cute sprinkle card!! The note itself was absolutely precious and goodness Holley is the biggest sweetheart ; w ; Again, I'm so thankful to know someone so lovely!

Then lastly, inside the baggie was also one of Holley Tea Time's Magic Moon necklaces


Unfortunately this exact necklace is currently sold out on her website but she has some other really cute necklaces to choose from! Here are some of my favorites~



Anyway~! The necklace Holley sent me was wrapped up in plastic to protect it while shipping. It was not at all harmed in the mail~!


The necklace Holley sent me is made from resin and in the shape of a crescent moon! The moon itself is an off-white shade with pink glitter scattered throughout and it features multiple pastel colored star beads in it as well! At the top of the crescent moon there's also a cute sparkly bow! The chain for this necklace is a bulky pastel chain link which will look extra cute in styles such as fairy kei because of it's toy-like charm! 


This necklace is crafted beautifully! The finishing on the resin is very smooth as well as sturdy so I believe it will be incredibly durable! The loop connecting the chain and the necklace is also attached firmly as well so it will hold up for a long time! 

This necklace, as well as the other crescent moon necklaces, is priced at $25USD! All of the necklaces in Holley's shop range from $16-$25USD!

Now then, onto the sweater!


A little while back Holley had asked if she could send me one of her cute pullovers, and I must say it was hard to say no because the design is so precious! Holley Tea Time sent me her Bubblegum Bunny pullover in white!


The pullover arrived neatly folded and wrapped in plastic~! It also arrived safe and sound with no damage done to it during shipping.


And... Here it is! This sweater is JUST as cute in person as it is online!

test edit 2

The sweater features a pink rabbit sitting in front of a rainbow holding a Holley Tea Time balloon~! The bunny itself is sitting on a cloud and it's surrounded by quite a lot of sparkles! The design also features other motifs such as shooting stars, moons, and hearts~


The color scheme of this sweater is absolutely perfect too! Because of the combination of popular motifs and the sweet colors it will be really easy to coordinate! You could wear it casually as a nice statement piece but you could also layer it up and wear it with something more over the top such as decora!


When it comes to the construction of the sweater the design is printed by a method called silk screening. From my experience of buying a handful of goods from indie companies, silk screened items tend to be extremely high quality and last quite a while. The quality of this pullover appears to live up to that statement! The design is incredibly crips and printed on very smooth. The colors are also bright and sharp.!


At the top of the sweater there is a Holley Tea Time clothe tag sewn into the collar~! The design may be printed on a Hane's crewneck but by sewing in her own tag it makes the sweater much more personal. Holley Tea Time also includes a paper tag featuring the logo on it!

Since I'm only reviewing the sweater instead of having a multiple piece review I can jump right into the overview and breakdown each category regarding my experience! So here we go~

Shipping: 10/10

As per usual shipping was expedited quickly and everything arrived safe and sound! Everything was wrapped neatly in plastic and then in a bubble wrap mailer. Because some of Holley Tea Time's goods are made to order I always recommend looking into how long shipping will take before ordering! On her storenvy under her FAQ section you can read about the different items and why some take longer to ship~

Design: 10/10

I am absolutely obsessed with this design! I actually think it's one of my favorites that Holley Tea Time has to offer. I am a little biased because I absolutely adore bunny rabbits, but it's still incredibly cute! I like the different use of colors and motifs! I don't see balloons used too often in kawaii fashion so it's really nice to see something a little different while still mixing it with motifs such as hearts, stars, rainbows, ect!

Quality: 10/10

I'm really pleased with the quality of this item! To start, the sweater itself is great! The design is printed on a unisex Hanes sweater and it's really an incredibly soft sweater. The inside is almost like a fleece material so its nice and warm but unlike a lot of graphic pullovers I own it's not too thick! So If I layered it up I could wear it in the winter but I could also wear it during the spring or the fall and it wouldn't be too hot! As far as the print of the sweater it appears to be printed on quite well!! The graphics themselves are very crips, and sharp! The color is also printed on very vibrantly. From what I can tell the design should last a long time with proper care!

Fit: 9/10

The sweater ranges from sizes S-3XL which is fantastic because that means a great range of people can enjoy this pullover! I requested to receive the sweater in medium which measures: 44" CHEST (Body Length 27.5") (Sleeve Length 24 5/8"). The sweater's sizing is definitely accurate according to the site! My only reasoning for giving it a 9/10 is the fact that the sweaters do run quite large which is something to keep in mind. For reference- I typically wear a L-XL in women tops and sweaters and then a M-L in mens and this medium sweater is quite roomy on me! Which honestly I am quite happy with. I love being able to layer different pieces under my pullover and I also enjoy baggy things! My only concern is that the measurements for the small seem larger than most so if you are on the shorter side this pullover will definitely be a bit baggy on you! So it's just something to keep in mind before ordering c:

Price: 10/10

The price of this sweater is $50USD! I find the price to be reasonable! When considering prices of indie brands you always need to consider the process that goes into making product: the time it takes to design the art, printing the piece, the cost of the sweater, labor costs, etc! So I find $50 to be a great price~ Honestly there are quite a few indie shops on the market that do printed pullovers and almost all of the range from $50-75 so $50 is actually on the lower ends of things~~!

Overall Shop Review: 10/10

I think it's no secret that I'm quite a fan of Holley Tea Time's work! Honestly everything she creates is always so cute and such high quality! Every piece I've owned from her whether it be something I've bought or received to review/model it's been fantastic! You can tell that a lot of love goes into her shop. Shipping is always fast and safe, the pieces are packaged nicely, the designs are vibrant and cute, and the quality is always phenomenal. I always recommend shopping from Holley Tea Time!

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Thank you so much for reading~~!