Sunday, June 30, 2013

Otakon 2013 Plans! Part 1~

Otakon this year is quickly approaching- as it always is! One moment schools out, and the next I am stressed about getting everything together for my biggest convention of the year! Each year I tell myself I am going to do something amazing, or maybe have an artist alley booth- and uh, well, each year that never happens! I tend to spend a lot of time sleeping, eating, and (more) sleeping instead of doing the things I set out to do... So this year, I decided I was going to keep it easy, keep it cheap, and just do four days of fashion fun! The idea was I wouldn't have to spend loads of money preparing so that I could save up for college.

.......That's not working out too well.  щ(ಠ益ಠщ)

Currently my line up is:

Thursday: Fairy Kei

Friday: Decora
Saturday: Shironuri
Sunday: Lolita

And again, the idea was to use clothing that I already own... but, what fun is that?  (・∀・ )

My reasoning behind spending money is that I will wear all of these things in the future- so it's worth it, right...? right?! Oh dear, maybe I'm a lost cause.

Anyway, my big plan this year is to finally get around to doing some shironuri!

If you don't know what shironuri is, I can give a quick summary, but I would instead recommend checking out POPkakumei's information about instead, because it is very informative (and I don't think I would explain it as well as they do....( ̄へ ̄)...) but I also recommend checking out someone like Minori who wears the fashion on a daily basis. 

Essentially, shironuri fashion is about painting your face white, considering it directly translates to "painted in white". I believe the fashion was originally inspired by japanese geisha, but has evolved since then.

What I find extremely interesting about this fashion in particular though is that besides painting your face white, there are no strict guidelines (such as lolita fashion). Although there are many street fashions such as fairy kei, or decora which also seem to be looser in terms of interpretation, shironuri doesn't even have a specific style associated with it besides the face. Many people who wear shironuri are typically seen a gothic style (considering a handful of visual kei bands have adopted this style) but the style can be worn with almost anything. For example, Minori prefers to have her outfits elegant, and nature themed.

So what is extremely attractive about this style, is the experimentation! Personally I was really excited to take on this project, because I can truly just let my creativity flow and possibly think of something very.... different.

Lately it seems I've been increasingly interested in the cult party kei movement, and though I haven't really tried it out yet (only once!) I would greatly like too- but as well as cult party kei, decora is my ultimate favorite street fashion. My thinking with this whole shironuri idea, is why not mix those two fashions!

I don't want to give away too much information about what my plans are, but essentially I'm going for a cult party kei themed look and color scheme, but with decora like aspects.

To get an idea of what exactly I want to do, I created a polyvore image for it:

It's a little crazy looking, I know- (I really don't like making Polyvore collages because I'm extremely impatient and don't like shaping all of the images! ;_;)

I'm most looking forward to styling the wig- which, will definitely be the most time consuming, and expensive part of my whole Otakon journey (besides my hotel fees, that is!)

But gosh, this is going to be the most fun I've had with fashion yet! Hopefully this is a project that I actually manage to finish. 

I'm hoping to start ordering my pieces for this look sometime next week after I get paid, and when I do, I will surely let you all know!

I hope you are as excited for this look as I am (✪㉨✪)


*:・゚✧ Coming soon *:・゚✧

Next week, please expect a review on Nerdy Little Secrets ~~ !!

Want a little sneak preview of what I'll be reviewing? (¬‿¬)

(my first review on this blog! how exciting! ♥)


Saturday, June 29, 2013

~Graduation Goodies~

As you all know, I just hosted a small partying in celebration of my graduation~! Some of my friends gave me gifts to celebrate, and some of them I would like to share with you because I feel like you guys would really appreciate them and well, I am super excited by them so hopefully we can share the excitement c:

Here is the little haul of what I received~! My one friend Dani shopped for me in Chinatown, and my friend Carly got me goodies from Claires c: I'll start off with Carly's gifts!


First, she gave me cute new flower headbands! This was really exciting because I only own one previously, and it's the one that I made- and though I love it, well it's rather extravagant and not very good with simpler outfits:

So I'm really happy about these new flower crowns that she gave me~! The one of the left has daisies and is styled more like a crown, and the one on the right is elastic so I can wear it in a number of different fashions.

Next she got me all of these cute earrings! Yay~! I tend to always lose earrings so I really don't have that many so now with all of these my ears will be cute again~ The earrings on the left are all shaped like animals, and the ones on the right are rainbow themed c: My favorite though are the dinosaur earrings!

They are pink T-rexes and the dinosaur is made to look like it goes right through your ears! I can't wait to wear them!


Now to show you what Dani got me from Chinatown! It was really sweet of her to shop there for me because she got me a lot of San-x goodies and ahh I only have Rilakkuma and Korilakkuma plushies but now I have other things as well c:

First, she got me a Rilakkuma mini trashcan (left) and a Rilakkuma Nighttime themed Mug (right). She explained to me how I would need these things in college, so they were definitely a necessity. The mug is cute because though it's fragile like any other coffee mug, it has a squishy lid on it so I don't spill anything! And the lid has a cute little Rilakkuma head on it ;_; ! And the trash can, well, I think the trashcan is quite self explanatory- I mean, look how cute it is!

You lifts up Rilakkuma's head to open the trashcan up~ And on the sides it has Rilakkuma, Korilakkuma, and Kiiroitori on it sharing sweets. I can't wait to put it on my desk, or nightstand in my new college dorm!

Next, Dani got me all of these goodies:

She got me a pack of San-x bubbley stickers, Hello Kitty hair clips, a crown phone charm, and a pink tiara hair clip~! The Stickers are really exciting because now not only can I use them on my panpal letters, I can also stick them on all of my appliances! I tend to put cute stickers on my phone, DS, and glasses case as if I'm deco-ing them out like the popular phone cases you see in the kawaii community c: Then, I love the cute little hair clips because I can use them in decora! And if you've ever worn decora, you know that you will always need more clips.

As far as the little crown charm- besides me being Prince and all, I actually really needed this little gadget! You see, my phone is broken and I can no longer silence it (unless it has headphones in) which gets annoying when I'm at work, school, or even just in a public place. So this little crown is going to work as my silencer until I get my phone fixed~!

Lastly, Dani got me this cute tiara/crown clip! I can't even describe in words how excited I am over this! Of course I am really into crown motifs, and it even has a bunny on it! (On all social media websites I go under the name Usagi Prince because bunnies are definitely my thing. You know? c:) I can use it as a statement piece in decora, or I can style my hair in a big fluffy top bun and put it right in the center! My own little crown! Gosh, I'm so excited ;w;


Of course, the party was not about receiving gifts or anything (I didn't even get that many, hah!), it was moreso about spending time with my friends before leaving for college. But I must say, I was just really blown away by the thoughtfulness of these two friends especially, because you can tell they really know me and tried to get me gifts that really made me happy- and let me tell you, they definitely did. 

I'm just so thankful to have such wonderful friends! I'm really going to miss them when I leave for Maryland, but well, we are all going away to achieve our dreams and it's not like we will be separated forever c:

I hope everyone has had a good week so far,


Monday, June 24, 2013

~Graduation party~ (Updated!)

Today I'm (finally) getting around to hosting a graduation party! Earlier this month, I graduated from High School and it's about time I celebrated it! I was hoping that my AP Happy Garden skirt would come in time for me to wear for the event, and if not I was going to wear decora- but uhm, well, it's going to be above 90 ºF (32 ºC) and that is waaaay too hot for either of those styles- and though I want to look cute, I really don't want to sweat.

(Fun fact: I literally cannot stand the heat- at all. I like it when it's about 60ºF.... I just can't stand sweat and I really like to layer my clothes so hot weather is tedious :c)

So alas, my first outfit post is a rather boring one, but I thought I'd share some casual-wear anyway!

Today I'll be wear a pink striped tube top bought at a discount store, paire with Forever 21 high waisted mint shorts and a Love Couture mint cardigan. 

For accessories, I am actually going to be wearing a necklace and sunglasses that I purchased from Claires! I don't really like to shop there because I think it's overpriced- buuut, I bought them during a huge discount sale so they were super cheap! With those, I have a handmade fuzzy bow that my friend gave me, and a white bow that came with one of my orders from Pastel de Reve. (The owner, Candy, actually gave me the bow complimentary because she is just such a sweetheart)

And honestly I will probably be barefoot for the whole party, so who needs shoes, right?

Augh, I'm annoyed that my first post is so boring, but C'est la vie, right? Once I do my makeup and hair I may add to this post, or just make another post but- despite the weather, I'm going to have a blast at my party! And even though I can't wear lolita or decora, you can never go wrong with mint and pink c: 

I hope everyone has a great day, and survives this weather if you're bearing through it just as I am ;u;


(and I apologize for the weird haze around all of my images! I'm going to have to play with the html the get rid of that, but I don't have time today- maybe later this week ;n;)

*~*~*~* Update *~*~*~*

The party was a success and I had so much fun! I thought I'd share what the full outfit looked like though, and I didn't take photos until much later after the blog post.

My mirror is dirty so that's why there are so many odd white specs ;n; but despite the heat I felt very good! Though I must say, I did sweat a lot and it was unfortunate ;___;

It was also the first time in a while that I had worn such large eyelashes, but I thought it was a good occasion to do so! I'm just glad that my makeup was waterproof, because gosh did I need it (plus there was a lot of rain!)

Despite all of that though, everything worked out in the end and I had such a marvelous time!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

New blog!

I'm excited to announce that I have finally started an official blog! Although I love tumblr to bits, I thought now that I'm becoming more seriously invested in fashion I should run a more serious (ish) blog? Plus, now that it's Summer I should have more time on my hands to get down to some serious blogging! I plan on doing a lot of reviews- (starting out with a Nerdy Little Secrets review, and then a Holley Tea Time review) as well as outfit posts, opinions, shopping hauls, ect. c:

I'm just really ecstatic to finally be doing something with this whole fashion thing-! I've always been interested in clothing, but over the past few years I've found that fashion has made me extremely happy and though I may not necessarily be ~*~ pursuing ~*~ it, it's something that is just so much fun and I would love to share it with everyone!


I'm mainly inspired by Japanese street fashion because I feel like the kids on the streets of Tokyo really know where it's at- All of the eccentricity, and colors! They're not afraid to express who they are, and I can just feel the energy when I look at all of the styles; so bold, and creative. It's highly addictive, and I'm really glad that I was just able to get my butt in gear and start dressing this way because it's immensely rewarding.


I'm not really sure the direction of this blog besides the basics, but it's going to be fun to start something new! I'm hoping to update at least once a week (as long as I don't get too lazy) but too be quite honest, it's nearly impossible to get me to shut up so I might be posting quite a lot.

I really just hope everyone will enjoy what I have to say and what I have to share (and I hope I didn't bore you too much with this introduction)! If you would like to follow me, it's located on the left-hand side of my blog, but I will also be notifying tumblr whenever I make a serious post ;u;

Thanks so much for reading~~ !