Sunday, July 21, 2013

☆ Miss Alphabet Review ☆

Today I have another lovely review to offer you guys~! (I'm going to try my best to review a lot of products within the next few weeks to give you an idea of some great places to shop!)

This particular review is for the webshop, Miss Alphabet! Now, I have always been extremely drawn to this shop once I saw her posting on the fairy kei tag on tumblr. I think, well when it comes to me looking at all shops, uniqueness is something that I find really appealing- Miss Alphabet's shop has an abundance of this! I find that her clothing really represents the 80s roots of fairy kei, and it's nice to see clothing that emulates the original concept, and doesn't just get lost in pastels. Her shop has a variety of cute clothes and accessories that aren't afraid to use colors, and bold prints! I must say, I was truly excited to be ordering from her.

So, I guess onto the review, right?


I ordered a pair of her Teddy Bear Hot Pants in which I intend to use on my otakon adventures~! Immediately after ordering the shorts I received a nice invoice message on etsy letting me know that she received my purchase, and would be sending the shorts off! And when I got the shorts, let me tell you I was not disappointed!

The shorts not only arrived super fast (within a couple of days!) but the package was covered in cute little stickers!

(not just stickers, but a Lisa Frank sticker! totally wicked~)

Upon opening the package, I not only received my shorts but a cute little package as well- it felt like Christmas~ (again... hmmm.. I said that in my last review too, didn't? I just really love receiving packages in the mail ;w;)

 Of course, being me, I excitedly opened the package before even trying the shorts on- and guess what? More stickers! As well as little Miss Alphabet pin and a handwritten note~

One thing I LOVE about some shops is when they include little things like this (especially notes!) because it feels like they really care about their customers, and their business (brownie points for Miss Alphabet~!). I decided to add the pin to my fairy kei button vest and I put a few stickers on my phone as well:

Now, onto the actual shorts, right?

Well, besides being amazingly cute, something that really struck me about these shorts were that they are extremely well made! They are completely professional. All of the seams are intact, there are no loose threads, and honestly they look like something you could buy from a store- (which is a good thing, trust me!) The quality of the sewing was really phenomenal, and I was so pleased with it!

I also just really loved the little details on the shorts~! The yellow lace that's attached at the bottom is super soft, stretchy, and has cute sequins on it !

(Plus, the print is just to die for. It reminds me of Little Twin Stars!)

So something I was worried about when ordering hot pants was the fit of them- "were they going to be too tight? maybe too big? or would they just look really bad"- well thankfully, all of these worries were wrong! The shorts fit fabulously.

The material they are made of is really stretchy, but also really comfortable. I was pleased to know also that the print didn't stretch awkwardly, and the lace hugged my legs perfectly and didn't hurt, or ride up.

Originally I was just going to use the shorts for my otakon coordinate, and then some cute sleeping shorts but I'm also going to use them to rave in!
(sorry for looking like poop- it was quite a hot day ;3;)

Overall I can say that I'm completely obsessed with these shorts! There are absolutely no flaws whatsoever~

Now then, onto my overall shop ratings!


Shipping: 10/10

My package arrived fast, safe, and with cute stickers attached! What's not to love? I also received a personal invoice message from the owner on Etsy- so I knew that I was being taken care of!

Quality: 10/10

Again, I was really astounded by the quality of these shorts! I find that sometimes I worry about ordering clothing off of etsy because you never really know how well the sewing is going to be- But wow, were these shorts well made! Everything about them was completed perfectly, and I know they are going to be extremely durable.

Designs: 10/10

Miss Alphabet really offers a lot of cute fairy kei inspired clothing that almost reminds me a lot of Spank! but still being completely original. Her choice of prints, solids, and overall clothing design is just really cool. Again, I feel like a lot of clothes in the community nowadays can get rather repetitive  and that's definitely not the case with Miss Alphabet. Not only are they all cute and creative, but also really versatile. Take my shorts, for example- I will be able to wear them with a large variety of different coordinates! (And boy, am I excited!)

Overall Customer Satisfaction: 10/10

I can't even express how happy I was after ordering from Miss Alphabet! It was really a treat, buying these shorts, and I know I will be buying again from her in the future! I couldn't have been happier!


On a last side note here, another thing that I found truly appealing about the shop is how she caters to all body types! I definitely have a booty on me and sometimes it's hard to find clothes that well... fit! Many cute pastel shops tend to only cater to smaller sizes, and it always ends up being disappointing. Miss Alphabet though has a large variety of sizes that I know will be appealing to different audiences.


Thanks so much to everyone who has read this review, and of course a big thanks to Miss Alphabet! You have made me a very happy pastel lover~ I look forward to buying from you again in the future!

Way to go Miss Alphabet~! You get an A++ in my book!


Monday, July 15, 2013

☆ Nerdy Little Secrets Review ☆

(image heavy and word heavy)

A  few months ago, the Etsy shop Nerdy Little Secrets had made a post regarding a new model search that they had begun- and well me, who has ogled over their items for a long time, panicked, and immediately put together a portfolio to apply for the job!

What initially attracted me to the webstore was their wonderful mix up japanese street fashion inspired accessories (that can coordinate with every sort of lolita and fairy kei outfit) and their large range of nerdy (hence the name~) inspired jewelry! Whether you are a lover of all things cute and pastel, or maybe are involved in a fandom like Avatar the Last Airbender, Pokemon, or Sailormoon, I can guarantee you will find yourself at home looking at Nerdy Little Secrets goodies!

Writing this review now, one can assume that I did in fact get the job and I am more than pleased that I did because not only do I get to support such a lovely online store but the owner is such a doll and I am more than thrilled to help this business prosper. Unfortunately, due to family circumstances (that include me moving 45 minutes away from my hometown and unable really to access my photographer friend at the moment) and the heat I have been unable to produce modeling photos, so while I wait for that to happen I thought I'd share all of my new treasures and tell you about all of the cool things this store has to offer!


Considering I have never done a review on here before I'm going to give you a quick rundown of how this is going to work: I'm going to show you pictures of each item, describe them, and then at the end do a collective shop review with the topics Shipping, Quality, Design, and Overall Customer Satisfaction- all rated on a scale of 1-10. If you don't feel like reading all of my ramblings (which is perfectly understandable considering I talk quite a bit) feel free to just look at all of the pictures and then read my general overall store review!

Thanks so much for reading, and I hope you all enjoy~~!


My NLS packaged arrived safe in sound in a bubble wrap envelope clearly labeled fragile on the front!

(The lady at the post office put question marks on it because it was addressed to Prince and she was just very confused- it was quite amusing!)

I think shipping is one of those things that some people take for granted when ordering things, but it is very important because if an item is not shipped out properly it could be harmed! Luckily, NLS had wrapped each item in an individual baggy, and even put the larger ones in bubble wrap!

(Receiving a package like this felt like Christmas! I was a very good kid this year!)

Since everything was shipped so neatly (and separately), nothing was harmed or tangled when I took them out of the packages. 

I was sent: 3 resin necklaces, 1 large bone hair clip, 2 small bone hair clips, 2 bat hair clips, 1 octopus necklace, 1 pair of horns, and 1 pair of antlers. I'll start off by reviewing the bone clips, and then make my way through the other items!


So here I have pictured the large bone clip as well as the two smaller bone clips~ The large one, sold here, is offered in a variety of pastel colors so you can choose to your liking! (And unfortunately the smaller clips are not on the site as we speak but I will review them anyway!) Now, in the past I have bought a few different bone clips due to the whole creepy cute look trending now, but I admit in the past the other ones have been cracked, or had little dents on them- to my surprise, these seemed to be rather flawless! The resin is smooth throughout, and there were no visible flaws that I took notice of. They are all extremely sturdy as well, and I don't see them breaking any time soon!

On the back of each bone is an alligator clip (in which I find to be the most comfortable of all clips)!
The large one works really well accessorized with a top bun, just as worn by Pebbles from the Flinstones and the smaller clips can be paired together, worn by themselves, and can work with a variety of hairstyles!


Staying on the creepy-cute theme, next we have these cute little bat hair clips!

Just as the bone clips were, these are made with resin, and are very sturdy despite the fragile looking shape of them! Something I really love about these clips is how they aren't just made from solid resin but instead include things like glitter inside of them! It's just a little touch that makes them extra cute~~! These little guys also have alligator clips on the backs:

Again, I see now flaws or cracks in their shape, and the clips attached are on tight and they don't appear as though they will fall off of their base. 

The clips are also a fairly good size measuring about 1-2 inches across. 
You can buy one pink batty hair clip here, or request a different color if pink doesn't suit you!


Now moving onto the pastel purple horns!

Nerdy Little Secrets offers horns in a variety of different colors, but you can find lavender ones similar to mine here~! These little guys are about an inch tall, and instead of sticking straight up, have a little curve at the tip of their horn~ I personally find the shape very appealing! As far as the actual construction is concerned, for being hand shaped they are rather smooth! They are also lightweight, but not fragile~ Superb!

On the bottom of each horn is an alligator clip!

When it comes to styling something like these, it will be best to either use a wig, or already have the hair bobbypined, or pulled back or they will not stay properly. (although, this is normal for any sort of horn clip that is not stationed on a headband!)


Next we have the deer antlers:

The antlers are very similar to the horns in that: they come in a variety of different colors, they are attached to alligator clips, and they need to be styled the same way (here is a link to the listing for dark brown- feel free to browse the shop for other colors)

The antlers are all about 2 inches tall, and appear to be a really good size (and sturdy when wearing them). I think my only complaint regarding the antlers is they are not as made as smooth as the other products, but I don't see that as a big deal considering that that adds to the appeal of having antlers.


Time to move onto necklaces! Necklaces is a category I saved for last because I think that necklaces that Nerdy Little Secrets has are some of the best items they have to offer! When it comes to the animal necklaces, my absolute favorite is this little octopus~!

There is just something so incredibly charming about the design of this little character!  I really can't say enough about this necklace- The color choice, shape of the tentacles, the cute expression, and the extra heart detail makes him very appealing. The necklace itself is also very durable, and does not appear to be very breakable. You can purchase one of your own here or check out the rest of NLS's tentacle themed jewelry!


Now finally, my favorite part- the resin necklaces.
Before I go into the review of the necklaces themselves- let me tell you about resin for a moment. You see, I am going to open up my own shop in the future, and thought maybe I should research how to make these cute resin necklaces and well- it's a lot of work. And not just a lot of work, but it looks rather hard too. Looking into the resin making process gave me a new love for Nerdy Little Secrets necklaces because I just have such a great appreciation for their work.

I was lucky enough to receive three resin necklaces! The one on the left is one of the small necklaces, and the two on the right are the standard size.

The necklaces that NLS offers include lots of Japanese characters such as My Melody, Little Twin Stars, and Rilakkuma! All of my necklaces are Korilakkuma themed because well... She's like my all time favorite character ;w; Anyway~! NLS also has cute animal themed ones such as this one here! What really, really draws me in with these necklaces are the colors! Instead of simply being a solid color, or even sparkly background, behind the cute characters is glitter and confetti! You can tell that the design of them at least took some thought because they are very cohesive and overall just the cutessstttt little things~~!

There are also little pearls in them~! Eep~!

Other things that make these necklaces so appealing:

  • The size: they can either be used as a statement piece, or together with many different necklaces
  • The length: LONG. THEY ARE LONG AND IF I'M WEARING A TANKTOP THEY WILL NOT AWKWARDLY FALL IN MY CHEST CAVITIES SO IT IS WONDERFUL. (clearly I am very very enthusiastic about the length c;)
  • The chain: All of the chains come in pastel colors which is a nice touch! When it comes to coordinating sweet fashions all of the little things make a huge difference!
  • The durability: They are so well made! The charm itself and how they are connected are very sturdy.
Overall, these necklaces are my favorite items out of everything! If you decide to order something from Nerdy Little Secrets and have trouble on choosing what to get, I highly recommend one of these!


Now that I have reviewed each individual product, it's time to review the shop as a whole:

Shipping: 9/10

The way all of the items are packaged and sealed I would say you can trust that all of your items will arrive safe and sound with no damage! Each item was wrapped individually with care, and put in a bubble wrap envelope for extra safety. My only concern (and why it's not a 10/10) is that when you are ordering please make note if it says Made To Order under the picture! If it does, make a mental note that it will not be a speedy delivery because the item has to be made first. Nerdy Little Secrets makes a point of mentioning that under each item that is Made To Order so there is no confusion! If you are interested in ordering from them, and wanting to receive a quick delivery, I recommend buying the resin necklaces because they are premade c:

Quality: 9.5/10

You can tell there is a lot of love in all of these items! My only concern was with the antlers, and that was a very minor concern. Besides that, every single item was sturdy, and did not appear to be breakable even if it seemed to be a fragile part. All of the little figures, and animal charms are purely handmade (with no mold, unlike resin) and some of the clean cut edges are very impressive. Everything was just extremely well made, and well put together. All of the clips were attached tight (with no visible hot glue or glue of any kind) and the necklace bases and chains were also very durable.

Designs: 10/10

I wish I could give the design category more than a 10 because everything was just designed so well. Everything from the resin necklaces, to little characters, to fandom things- everything was just so cute, and so appealing. I think a lot of the designs are also refreshing! I find that in the j-fashion community a lot of jewelry can seem repetitive- well, when shopping here you can find a variety of unique accessories mixed in with other trending accessories such as the horns. 

Overall Customer Satisfaction: 10/10

I really only have great things to say about Nerdy Little Secrets! Of all of the cute/kawaii webshops you have seen, I would personally put this one somewhere at the top of the list! Everything is cute, well made, and even well priced! They really offer a large variety of different products, and I feel like there's definitely something for everyone there!

Congratulations, Nerdy Little Secrets! A+ !


Happy Shopping

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Closet Cleaning!

Back in late March, around the 27th, I moved into a new home and even though it's been a few months I never really got situated! It felt as though I had an endless amount of tubs and boxes all just full of stuff! And considering my busy school and work schedule, I never got around to properly putting anything away! Instead, I would just rip it out of storage and then watch as it piled up week, after week.

Well messy room no more! I managed to completely clean up my room, and organize my closet. I have two rather spacious closets in my new home, so I decided to dedicate one soley to all of my cute clothes~ I always see closet pictures lurking around the internet, and although mine may not be super impressive, I thought I would share anyway ( ´∀`)☆

Behold my lovely closet! If you notice there is an extreme lack of any lolitable shoes there and really only shoes suitable for fairy kei... (The two sneakers on the left I painted myself!) I'm hoping my shoes come in time for Otakon or I will most definitely be at a loss for what to wear during my Lolita day :(
Anyway! From right to left the order of what's in my closet is:

Cardigans, blouses, cute t-shirts, shorts and skirts, cult party kei clothes, lolita dresses/skirts, and then lolita blouses~~! I also have my bags and petticoats on the top shelf as well as hats and scarves on the right (─▽─)

And then there is a close up c:

I'm super happy that I was finally able to get some time off to do this! It makes my life feel a bit more in order, and now I feel better about coming home to a clean room, and a clean closet.

Now only if it would stop being so hot so I can wear my cute clothes again....

Happy Summer?


Sunday, July 7, 2013

~*~ Otakon Update ~*~

"I'm just going to wear different fashions so I don't spend to much money on cosplay..."

But it never really works out that way, does it? Any time I go to buy something on a normal day-to-day basis I try and think of some good solid reasons for purchasing them. I mean, I know I shop online a lot but I'm not... that... frivolous with my money!
  • "well okay this is a graduation present to myself"
  • "I have had a bad day and need a pick me up"
  • "I can make that amount back in a week!"
  • "it's not like it's that much money..."
  • "I haven't purchased something for myself in a while"
On another note though- there was this one purchase that I guess I didn't need for Otakon- but I definitely used Otakon as an excuse to purchase it ಥ‿ಥ

Normally when buying something I think of things like:

And by that I mean I need some serious excuses for my bad shopping habits ( ̄へ ̄)(Though I do admit these past few months have caused me a great deal of stress so I've gone a little overboard on my spending...)This is really my last few big purchases of the summer, though- With Otakon right around the corner I decided that I would use my graduation money, and my June money to prepare for Otakon, and then everything made in July and August I would save for college! I'm not too worried about it though because I do have a few scholarships that should cover my art supply expenses throughout my first year- and I might be having an art show the weekend before Otakon! If that happens and I sell a few paintings, I plan to use that as my spending money  。◕ ‿ ◕。

A Candyholic oversized bow~~! Once I saw it I just melted a bit inside... I feel like there are so many wonderful things I can do with it, and I just- Otakon... yes, Otakon?

 I plan on incorporating it in my shironuri look on Saturday, because I feel as though it brings the whole look together, and makes it more cohesive! And I just... I really needed it in my life, ok? 
(But really though, I have to start saving for college!)

Excuses, excuses.

Hell, I wanted it, so I bought it- and that's okay, right?  ╮(─▽─)╭
In other news I have off Monday, and Tuesday (finally!) so on one of those days I will be posting my Nerdy Little Secrets review! And as my Otakon purchases come trickling in, expect more pictures, reviews, and just some overall fashion nonsense.
I hope everyone is having a good July!


(And if you are wondering, I purchased the bow off of Lolita Sales on Facebook from none other than the lovely Cadney! She is such a sweetheart and I'm glad I convinced myself to get it~~)