Sunday, July 7, 2013

~*~ Otakon Update ~*~

"I'm just going to wear different fashions so I don't spend to much money on cosplay..."

But it never really works out that way, does it? Any time I go to buy something on a normal day-to-day basis I try and think of some good solid reasons for purchasing them. I mean, I know I shop online a lot but I'm not... that... frivolous with my money!
  • "well okay this is a graduation present to myself"
  • "I have had a bad day and need a pick me up"
  • "I can make that amount back in a week!"
  • "it's not like it's that much money..."
  • "I haven't purchased something for myself in a while"
On another note though- there was this one purchase that I guess I didn't need for Otakon- but I definitely used Otakon as an excuse to purchase it ಥ‿ಥ

Normally when buying something I think of things like:

And by that I mean I need some serious excuses for my bad shopping habits ( ̄へ ̄)(Though I do admit these past few months have caused me a great deal of stress so I've gone a little overboard on my spending...)This is really my last few big purchases of the summer, though- With Otakon right around the corner I decided that I would use my graduation money, and my June money to prepare for Otakon, and then everything made in July and August I would save for college! I'm not too worried about it though because I do have a few scholarships that should cover my art supply expenses throughout my first year- and I might be having an art show the weekend before Otakon! If that happens and I sell a few paintings, I plan to use that as my spending money  。◕ ‿ ◕。

A Candyholic oversized bow~~! Once I saw it I just melted a bit inside... I feel like there are so many wonderful things I can do with it, and I just- Otakon... yes, Otakon?

 I plan on incorporating it in my shironuri look on Saturday, because I feel as though it brings the whole look together, and makes it more cohesive! And I just... I really needed it in my life, ok? 
(But really though, I have to start saving for college!)

Excuses, excuses.

Hell, I wanted it, so I bought it- and that's okay, right?  ╮(─▽─)╭
In other news I have off Monday, and Tuesday (finally!) so on one of those days I will be posting my Nerdy Little Secrets review! And as my Otakon purchases come trickling in, expect more pictures, reviews, and just some overall fashion nonsense.
I hope everyone is having a good July!


(And if you are wondering, I purchased the bow off of Lolita Sales on Facebook from none other than the lovely Cadney! She is such a sweetheart and I'm glad I convinced myself to get it~~)


  1. OMG that bow just stole my heart ;A; ~ I don't wear wigs, so it wouldn't be useful at all - but are there little versions of it D: ?

    1. Saaaaame here! I knew I was destined for it ;3;
      And ahh, yes that could be a problem! I wil lmost likely not be wearing it without a wig, either. They do have a web shop and as of right now I don't see any smaller hair accessories, but they do sell a variety of other cute things if you would like to check it out!