Thursday, July 11, 2013

Closet Cleaning!

Back in late March, around the 27th, I moved into a new home and even though it's been a few months I never really got situated! It felt as though I had an endless amount of tubs and boxes all just full of stuff! And considering my busy school and work schedule, I never got around to properly putting anything away! Instead, I would just rip it out of storage and then watch as it piled up week, after week.

Well messy room no more! I managed to completely clean up my room, and organize my closet. I have two rather spacious closets in my new home, so I decided to dedicate one soley to all of my cute clothes~ I always see closet pictures lurking around the internet, and although mine may not be super impressive, I thought I would share anyway ( ´∀`)☆

Behold my lovely closet! If you notice there is an extreme lack of any lolitable shoes there and really only shoes suitable for fairy kei... (The two sneakers on the left I painted myself!) I'm hoping my shoes come in time for Otakon or I will most definitely be at a loss for what to wear during my Lolita day :(
Anyway! From right to left the order of what's in my closet is:

Cardigans, blouses, cute t-shirts, shorts and skirts, cult party kei clothes, lolita dresses/skirts, and then lolita blouses~~! I also have my bags and petticoats on the top shelf as well as hats and scarves on the right (─▽─)

And then there is a close up c:

I'm super happy that I was finally able to get some time off to do this! It makes my life feel a bit more in order, and now I feel better about coming home to a clean room, and a clean closet.

Now only if it would stop being so hot so I can wear my cute clothes again....

Happy Summer?


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  1. Everything thing is so cute! I wish I had your closet QwQ <3 <3 <3