Monday, June 24, 2013

~Graduation party~ (Updated!)

Today I'm (finally) getting around to hosting a graduation party! Earlier this month, I graduated from High School and it's about time I celebrated it! I was hoping that my AP Happy Garden skirt would come in time for me to wear for the event, and if not I was going to wear decora- but uhm, well, it's going to be above 90 ºF (32 ºC) and that is waaaay too hot for either of those styles- and though I want to look cute, I really don't want to sweat.

(Fun fact: I literally cannot stand the heat- at all. I like it when it's about 60ºF.... I just can't stand sweat and I really like to layer my clothes so hot weather is tedious :c)

So alas, my first outfit post is a rather boring one, but I thought I'd share some casual-wear anyway!

Today I'll be wear a pink striped tube top bought at a discount store, paire with Forever 21 high waisted mint shorts and a Love Couture mint cardigan. 

For accessories, I am actually going to be wearing a necklace and sunglasses that I purchased from Claires! I don't really like to shop there because I think it's overpriced- buuut, I bought them during a huge discount sale so they were super cheap! With those, I have a handmade fuzzy bow that my friend gave me, and a white bow that came with one of my orders from Pastel de Reve. (The owner, Candy, actually gave me the bow complimentary because she is just such a sweetheart)

And honestly I will probably be barefoot for the whole party, so who needs shoes, right?

Augh, I'm annoyed that my first post is so boring, but C'est la vie, right? Once I do my makeup and hair I may add to this post, or just make another post but- despite the weather, I'm going to have a blast at my party! And even though I can't wear lolita or decora, you can never go wrong with mint and pink c: 

I hope everyone has a great day, and survives this weather if you're bearing through it just as I am ;u;


(and I apologize for the weird haze around all of my images! I'm going to have to play with the html the get rid of that, but I don't have time today- maybe later this week ;n;)

*~*~*~* Update *~*~*~*

The party was a success and I had so much fun! I thought I'd share what the full outfit looked like though, and I didn't take photos until much later after the blog post.

My mirror is dirty so that's why there are so many odd white specs ;n; but despite the heat I felt very good! Though I must say, I did sweat a lot and it was unfortunate ;___;

It was also the first time in a while that I had worn such large eyelashes, but I thought it was a good occasion to do so! I'm just glad that my makeup was waterproof, because gosh did I need it (plus there was a lot of rain!)

Despite all of that though, everything worked out in the end and I had such a marvelous time!

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  1. Congrats again on graduating! ^^ And that coord looks uber cute! I know how you feel about hot weather ^^; I prefer to dress more in Gyaru than Lolita for the summer. (Fewer layers xD; ) And good luck with the html. I liked the look of this template but hated the stupid drop shadow ><