Saturday, November 16, 2013

~*~Kawaii Goods Review~*~

I was very happy when Kawaii Goods contacted me about being sponsored! If you haven't heard of the shop, Kawaii Goods is an online store that creates adorable accessories and apparel for a variety of styles including (but not limited to) fairy kei, lolita, 'creepy cute', cult party kei, and more! They have so many cute things, and a large variety of styles, so this was definitely very exciting for me c:


I received my Kawaii Goods package a couple of days after it was sent out (I also got a tracking number as well~) and everything arrived safe and sound!

Everything was wrapped in plastic, and then after taking it out I noticed all of the fragile items were wrapped in individual plastic bags to prevent any damage.

Along with the package, I also received a cute little note, a business card, and a Kawaii Goods pin!

I really love it when shops send things like pins, or notes, because it feels very personalized~

Here is a photo of everything I was sent~ The owner gave me a lot of different accessories along with some of her Eyeball Bone Spooky Tights, which was definitely a happy surprise~ When reviewing, I like to categorize things by style, and this time I'm going to do sweet things first and then creepy cute things last, so you'll here about those later (─▽─)

 I categorized everything into the following groups: Sweet, Creepy Cute, and my spotlight products, meaning my favorites from this shop~!

Please enjoy the review ^__^


First, the fluffy heart two-way clip!

The clip is very cute and great for either fairy kei or lolita! It is pink and fluffy, and has small details such as the yellow bow, blue bear, orange heart, and pink bow. I especially love the cute bow attached to the dangling beads- I think it's a nice touch. ◕ ‿ ◕

The fluffy heart is attached to a two-way clip, that way you can wear it either in your hair, or as a brooch.

All together, it is well made and a cute design~! I can't wait to add it to my fluffy collection c:


Next is one of my favorite sweet things that I was sent~ A cute rainbow heart resin necklace!

I'm soooo in love with this necklace! The heart itself is very sturdy, and the bow attachment is also put on very nicely. What I really like about this necklace is how versatile it is~ Not only is the rainbow great because I'll be able to wear it with many different colors, but I can also see myself wearing it with many different styles as well.

I also really like how it's on a white ball-chain instead of your tradition silver one- It makes it much cuter~
I think I'm going to wear it to a lolita meetup at the end of the month, because it goes well with my Happy Garden jsk! (≧ω≦)


Now onto the gold Cherub Wing Clips~ 

These are so precious- I'm very, very happy with them. They're gold, sparkly wings that have an alligator clip attached to the back. 

The wings themselves are very hard and don't seem fragile (which is good, because I have a tendency to break things) and the clips are also glued on very nice, and don't seem to be detaching any time soon!
For styling, I think they'll look great with cult party kei, but could also just be worn in an every day outfit. One way I thought would be nice to wear them, is with pieces of hair front the front, slightly twisted and pinned backwards, like so:

They'll also probably look great on either pigtails, or buns on either side of the head c:

Now onto some creepy cute things~! 
First, here are some glitter skeleton hand clips!

They are clear glittery resin hands, with lavender polkadotted bows on the ends of them. The design is super cute~! I like the idea of them being clear, because normally it seems skeleton clips are solid- so the glittery clear consistency makes them seem more like bones, but still managing to be super cute at the same time.

They also have alligator clips on the backs of them c:

My only concern with these clips is that the resin doesn't seem to be finished to well on the outer edge, and is a little jagged.

Besides that though, they are definitely a nice accessory (´ω`)


Next is a pair of lavender Devil Wing clips!

These are so cool. What a fun, unique design~! I've see a lot of winged themed things recently, but only in a sweet fashion. I think the idea of making bat like demon wings is very clever. Plus, the color of them is great because I can either wear them with a dark, gothic coord- or a pastel creepy cute look as well!

When it comes to quality, they are very well made, and definitely incredibly sturdy. The resin is also very smooth, and finished off well. Just like all of the other hair accessories, they have alligator clips:


Another creepy cute hair accessory I received was a clear, sparkly bat clip:

The bat design is very cute, and I really like the size of it! Again, I like the idea of having the sparkly, clear resin. It looks really great with the whole creepy cute look, and will look even better paired against one of my pastel wigs. 

It's another piece that is sturdy, and has an alligator clip on the back. Both well made, and efficient c;


Moving away from hair clips for a moment, I also received this adorable ring! 

It has a nice sleek and simple design with the glitter lavender resin moon, and then the felt bat accent. The ring itself is attached to an adjustable ring base so it can fit a lot of different sizes of hands.

It's also a very nice size. It's large enough to be a statement piece on it's own, but it could also be paired with a lot of other rings for a decora look as well. Overall its a suuuuper cute accessory ( ´∀`)


Now moving onto my two spotlight items from Kawaii Goods!

The first is my favorite item that I received! It's a creepy cute hairbow~!

I am SO in love with the design of this bow~ It's got so many little details, and I think overall it's just so fantastic. My style is very over the top (OTT) and so a bow like this is perfect for my wardrobe. As far as the description of it: It's a black base bow which is covered in a sparkly black tulle. Then it has a second layer with purple fabric that has a cute bat design on it. For details, it has (I believe) a sparkly resin star, with a heart dangling from it, as well as a few other smaller bows on the lavender section.

Again, I really love this design. It's so much fun, and reminds me of a lot of Spank! things, but with a creepy twist. And just like the fluffy heart, it has a two way clip so it can be worn as a brooch also.

As far as construction is concerned, it's a very high quality bow. Typically, to be honest- I don't usually buy bows from online shops because I make them myself. Normally I find a lot of bows are floppy, or not decorated enough for my taste but wow, this bow is so perfect! I am a very happy camper (✿◠‿◠)


Now lastly, I'll be reviewing Kawaii Goods' Eyeball Bone Spooky tights~!

To be honest, I really was surprised when I received a pair of these tights! I guess I just wasn't expecting to get tights with the package, so it was definitely a very nice surprise. Just like bows though, I'm typically very skeptical when buying tights- but for different reasons. I'm rather tall (5'9) so I'm always so worried about patterns stretching awkwardly, or the tights not fitting to my liking. Before getting into the details of fit though, here are some more photos of tights themselves~

The design itself is very cute! It's simple. yet busy, but I really like that. I love the whole eyeball trend, and it's even cuter with the little bones and lightning bolts. (plus, I like the purple black combination, its very cute.)

Now for fit! These tights are.... wonderful! They are high waisted, which I love, because they are very large and aren't short on my hips. On top of that, they are sooo comfy, The material they are made of is really soft, and also doesnt seem to run very easily. (I hate when I buy stockings and they get holes in them the first day! Luckily, I won't have any problem with these.) Another great thing about them (that again, Im usually cautious about) is how they stretched on my legs:

They stretched a bit around my thighs, but besides that they still managed to look really dark, and the pattern still looks really cute and not all awkward and stretched. 

My only complaint with the tights is there are a few parts where the pattern seems.. torn?

The fabric itself isn't ripped, the pattern just separates a bit. Which honestly, isn't a big deal at all. All of the positive things about these tights outweigh the one mishap, but I did feel it necessary to point out anyway.

In the end though, these tights are really so, so adorable and I'm very pleased with them~ I find it's hard to come by nice tights nowadays! I think I'll probably end up investing in Kawaii Goods sweet tights as well, because I do really like these!


Now that I've reviewed each item separately, it's time to review Kawaii Goods as a whole ∩(︶▽︶)∩

Shipping 10/10

After sending out my package, Kawaii Goods gave me a tracking number so I could track my package as it arrived! It can rather fast, probably about 4 days after it was sent out. Everything was carefully packaged, and the more fragile items were sealed in plastic bags to prevent any damage. All together, the my experience regarding shipping was excellent!

Quality 8/10

The quality was great on almost everything! My concerns are with some of the resin being a little jagged and not finished off all of the way, and then the tight's design did have a few awkward "tears" in them, for a lack of better words (see pictures above) [and this was definitely not the case for all resin items! Refer back to individual reviews to see which items. Almost all were finished very nice] Besides that though, everything was crafted very well! Clips were attached well on the back, and all of the accessories were very sturdy, and not at all fragile. I was very happy with the quality of most of them.

Design 10/10

I'm in love with Kawaii Goods' designs! I think what's great about their shop is that if you're not into OTT fashion they offer more simple, refined accessories- but if you're like me and love things over the top, they have a lot of that as well! I think it's great that they cater to so many different styles, and overall their designs are all unique and super cute for any outfit.

Overall Customer Satisfaction 9/10

I am very satisfied with all of my items from Kawaii Goods! If you're looking to add to your fairy kei or lolita collection, or if you're looking to start building a Japanese street fashion based wardrobe, Kawaii Goods offers a lot of different options for the street fashion lover. I was very pleased with a lot of different aspects of my Kawaii Goods experience, and would recommend buying from them c:

Stay tuned on tumblr and instagram to see some of my outfits featuring items from Kawaii Goods!



  1. Thank you hun, I truly appreciate your review. :D

  2. I believe the "tears" you mentioned on the tights are where the fabric folded before being printed on, thus the fabric underneath or in between the folds remained white. Nice review btw!