Friday, January 31, 2014

Coordinating for Katsucon~!

Hello cuties~! Wow! Two updates in one week...? I really have been busy. (I am actually super proud of myself for this second post- I'm on a roll ;3;). As you might have read in my last post, I'm going to be attending Katsucon this year! Long story short, on a whim one night I texted my girlfriend about going (and bribed her by offering to pay for her ticket..) and now myself, her, and my best friend Rin will be going! Unfortunately since it is so last minute, we'll only be going on Saturday, but I'm definitely not complaining! The only difficult thing will be figuring out what to wear hmmm.

Well, to start, at least I have a theme! Typically to every convention I wear decora on the busiest days, so I'm definitely do that. For this convention, I'm going really over-the-top with my hair decorations! I want to go even bigger than the previous time because uh, honestly! Every time I wear decora it seems I go bigger and bolder. So why not even larger this time~! In addition to the decora, my theme is also on the lines of magical girl~! Sooo.. Mahou Shoujo Decora? ; w ; I'm having trouble deciding on what exactly to wear, so maybe you can help me out?


At the moment I have three base outfits I'm deciding between. Essentially, I've broken down my wardrobe and have decided at least which articles of clothing I would be interested in wearing at the convention! Now to go outfit by outfit~!


So for the first outfit, this is clearly heavily magical girl inspired! Between the fluffy clouds, rainbow castle, and heart sailor collar, the magical girl inspiration is definitely strong~! I love this look because it coordinates so well together! I just feel like every piece really goes so well. My only downside, is that I've already worn something so similar to it before...
(~*~ flashback~*~) 

It's just so hard not to wear the skirt and shirt together! It's like they were made for each other hehe... Anyway ~ c;

I'd wear my Starlight Castle t-shirt with a collar from Reves de Pastel that's paired with a Pinkly Ever After brooch.

Then I'd tuck the shirt into my darling Holley Tea Time skirt~~! My favorite thing about this skirt is all of the details on it ; w ;

The little moons are perfect for a magical girl look especially considering that they have little wings on them! The suspenders I'd pair with it also have little wings so it'd match perfectly.

Then for my legs, I'd wear some Holley Tea Time tights (for warmth) and also wear some knee highs paired with baggy legwarmers.

Lastly, footwear!

To be honest, I don't have a good reason for wearing my Rocking Horse Shoes other than wanting to be taller ; 3 ; This specific pair I bought from Qutieland- it's out of stock now, but feel free to browse their selection if you like. (the original shoes are from taobao. QL is essentially a shopping service.)

Another idea that I'm toying with is pairing either of these looks with my baby pink robe. It's probably going to be rather cold, and this will keep me a little warmer while still be thin enough so I wont get hot in crowded areas.

The only issue with that is it would cover up my cute suspenders.. ;__; !

Decisions, decisions...


My next Mahou Shoujo look is actually a little less magical, and more casual and fun!

What I really like about this look is that it's so colorful and fun! With all of the different colors I can play with my styling a bit more. I also love the silhouette! The skirt with a tutu under it makes it sooo bouncy! The major downside though (which sounds silly, but) is that even though my sneakers are so cute- they don't make me any taller! I love wearing things with heels or platforms oh no ;n; Hmm..


The shirt is actually an Infanta Cutsew that you can buy frommm Qutieland, Clobbaonline, or the original online shop (which I believe is also taobao based...?)

This top has a really cute sweets theme design~! This particular coordinate itself is also very candy themed as well as being a little mahou shoujo themed ;^;

The skirt is a Milklim skirt that I actually bought second hand ;3; Feel free to browse their site, or even the Fairy Kei Sales on facebook to possibly find other milklim things though. (I know Lolitadesu as a few this as well!)

(The underskirt is just a generic pink tutu that you can find on Bodyline, at Hot Topic, or at Anime Conventions) I looove the pattern of this skirt~! With the little candy hearts to spell milklim it makes it even more precious ;3;

As far as shoes are considered, I actually dont have a closeup because they are very dirty right now heh. But they are actually thrifted sneakers that I've painted! If I wear them though, I need to touch up the paint for the convention.


Another coordinate I'm thinking of would still be using my Holley Team Time skirt but paired with a different Milklim skirt! The pros of this outfit are that the cut of the shirt falls perfectly with the skirt and the design with the moon AND ice cream cone fits into both the mahou shoujo and sweet theme I was going for. The downside though, is I'm afraid there arent enough colors to make it a decora look. ; 3 ;


Another thing to take into consideration would be which brooch to use as a focal point!

These are typically the four that I use~! This will always depend on what I wear though. Although pins are cute, they are never really a deciding factor in which coordinate to wear. Instead, they're more of an after thought..? Sorry little pins..!


Now the last things that I need to consider this outfit are: 
What wig do I wear?
What makes it decora?

Well both of these things go extremely hand in hand when doing a decora look~! If you've seen any of my past looks, you know I like to wear a lot of hair clips. Which okay, is the point of decora, but I still feel like I manage to do OTT decora with not only clips but also huuge bows.

And I said, this time around I'm going even bigger! So something that's really important to consider is which wig- because honestly, you need a wig that's able to support the amount of clips you want to wear. In the pictures above Im wearing a Minty mix pigtail wig. Wigs that have pigtails / pony tail clips usually work the best because they can hold the most, and they can support larger sized things.

This year, I'm deciding between doing that wig, or one of my mint ones which I've added a hime poof attachment. 

(and a little preview~! sorry both wigs are unstyled... And uh, these are both just ideas of what the top head piece will look like. Whatever I end up doing will have clips scattered all the way down~!)

Ta-da~! I'm definitely going to be sporting my suuuuper large bow which unfortunately, I forget the actual brand it is because I bought that secondhand as well.. ; 3 ; But I'll also be putting in loads of things like fuzzy glasses, wands, hello kitty heads, ect! It's going to be very, very exciting!


Well then, that's all for now! What do you think? Any suggestions- or maybe, which look do you like the best! And if any of you are going to Katsucon, let me know! Maybe we'll run into each other ;3;

Have a great night cuties~!


  1. Whatcha gonna do with all that kawaii? >u<

    Umm...geez, this is hard! Well, personally, I really like the first outfit! <3

    But it's all up to you, Princeu! (/ •u• )/

  2. Decisions decisions. But I personally like the second outfit better~ and as for what WIG I REALLY DONT KNOW?!?!?!?!?!?

  3. I like the mint wig best for sure~! As for the outfit, I like the first and second a lot, although I like the first a biiiiiiit better.

  4. I'd also choose the 2nd outfit ~ I love all those layers ★