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Shopping Haul 1/29/14

Hi cuties~! So something I haven't necessarily blogged about on this blog would be my shopping hauls! Typically I'll normally take a few pictures with my phone and post them via tumblr... but, I had a really fantastic day yesterday, so I thought I would not only share my experiences with you, but also what I bought! (I also want to become a more serious blogger hmmm. It's hard when I don't have my own computer and I work so much- but, I can at least try to do a post a week!)

What I did yesterday

Yesterday I hung out with my friend Mina. Mina and I actually met a while back via conventions, and just recently discovered that we live near each other! We've hung out a couple times, and have attended a lolita meetup together so it was really great to spend time together. It's also really great to be with someone who's also interested in Japanese Street Fashion. As far as what I wore... well, hello crappy phone pictures! (I wasn't thinking of making a blog post about it oops!)

 I sported a mint Infanta blouse with dark periwinkle polkadoted skinnies, hand painted shoes, thrifted legwarmers, and a Minty Mix wig styled into a side ponytail updo. Suuuper cute~! But since I tried on clothes at the mall I ended up taking the ponytail attachment off because it kept getting stuck on shirts when I was getting changed.

Mina also dressed really cute~!

She has such a great sense of style and it was so much fun being Magical together~!

Now then... Onto what I bought, shall we?


What I bought:

We went everywhere from Goodwill, the mall, Party City, ect! I ended up doing my main shopping at Goodwill and Forever 21 but I did pick some things up at Target.

It was so hard to get everything in the picture on my little bed.. ; w ; ! I thought I spent much more money than I did, but, I actually only spent between $70-80 which isn't a lot considering everything I got c:


I'll start off by sharing with you my goodwill finds! As some of you may know, I am obsessed with thrifting and I basically buy all of my clothes from goodwill ;o;

But, yesterday I scored! I got a pink blouse, a pink hoodie, a pink pullover, AND a pink jacket hehe~! I also got.. a pink shelf! And a frilly umbrella.

My main goal in Goodwill shopping was to find things that would keep me warm because lately the weather has consistently been ten degrees eeew. So I got this lovely baby pink plush pullover, and pink sweatshirt! The sweatshirt is actually plus sized and its huge but it looks so cute because it's super baggy!

Mina also spotted this lovely pink blouse! She ended up not wanting it, so naturally I snagged it. I actually dont own a pink blouse so it was perfect! I can layer in under shirts or sweaters for fairy kei or I can even use it as a lolita blouse.

It has a peter pan collar that almost looks like petals, and these lovely vintage buttons. I'm so happy with it ;3;

Next I got this cute pink jacket~! It's essentially a denim type material? It will be fantastic for fairy kei with a tutu and some legwarmers but I can also just wear it in casual looks. What's really cool about it too...

It's a Ralph Lauren jacket! For $6.50! I am a lucky fairy c;

So for the rest of my goodwill haul, I also got a new shelf that I'm going to keep necklaces on, but that's a whole new blog post~! Lastly though, my favorite Goodwill find...

It may seem a little silly to be so excited over an umbrella, but actually its a super large umbrella that has frills on the outside making it look like a parasol. So not only can I use it as an umbrella, but it makes a cute parasol for my more classic looks.

So in the end I left Goodwill with thirty less dollars in my pocket, but $30 for a blouse, two jackets, a pullover, a shelf, and an umbrella I think I did really great~! c:

Now onto the mall shopping..


My first stop was naturally to go to Forever 21 for two reasons: the first one being that I love their clothes. But.. also because my girlfriend works there! I know a lot of people don't like F21 because their clothes are really high quality, but I feel like that's okay because they are cheap in price. You get what you pay for! And if you're like me and change styles so quickly, it's okay to have cheap clothes that don't last long because that means you can start a new style in the future!

For once though, I actually didn't spend that money which was really hard for me considering they just stocked their new Marvel line.

I ended up buy marvel print shorts, and a polka dotted circle skirt. The shorts are... interesting! They are made just like leggings, but are cut like shorts. They almost remind me of Marvel spanks, actually! hah! But I think they'll look cute with a bagg shirt and some Dr. Martens- especially in the summer time. 

Next, I got this cute skirt! While Mina and I were in the dressing room my girlfriend was actually unpacking and tagging the skirts and we couldn't resist- we both bought one!

I've wanted one of these skirts for so long~! I almost settled during Christmas time for an H&M one because it was on clearance, but I wasn't a huge fan of the material. So this one was $9.60 and was made out of a stretchy cotton. It'll be great with a tutu under it. 
But really, I'm so excited! The black and white polka dotted skirt (whether it be inverted or like this) is really iconic in fairy kei and pop kei and extremely popular with brands and companies such as Milklim and Spank!

(one of those is more of a cow print, but you get the idea)
(And all photos either belong to Tokyo Fashion or Spank!)

One of these skirts is really a must have for any sort of fairy kei/pop kei wardrobe and I've finally obtained one! I think it really has a lot to do with the fact that that sort of polka dot style is very 80s, and that's really the theme of both styles... So I am incredibly happy to start coordinating this.


The next store I bought something from was Claire's~!

I typically don't recommend shopping from them for anyone who's starting out in fairy kei or decora because a lot of their stuff tends to be overpriced for the quality that you're getting- but, I am a clearance shopper and Mina and I found some great things on clearance!

I first raided their clip selection c:

Since I'll be attending Katsukon on Saturday this year (another blog post waiting to happen..) I need new clips for my decora look! the two packs on the left are my FAVORITE little bows of all time! And lucky me, they were 50% off because a couple of the rhinestones fell off which, psshh is the easiest fix ever. I love coording them with a decora look and having them go along each side of my pigtails. The clips on the right were full price but eh, they're cute and I needed them so I bough them anyway oops.

Next, THESE CUTIES WERE ON SALE.... 50% off as well! I am SO excited about these. Mina and I both bought each pair. Apparently she's been waiting for them to go on sale for a while. I'm just lucky they had enough for the two of us. They are literally the cutest thing ever ;3; sparkly suspenders with wings on the back? Probably my favorite purchase of the day!

I also bought black earrings from Claire's, but that's irrelevant because they are just for work ;o;


Lastly, I bought some new socks~!

I feel like both pairs are essential pieces of my wardrobe that I've been missing for far too long. It seems ridiculous that I just needed these socks- but trust me, I needed them. I got the black ones from Spencers, and the white ones from Target. 


What was a really nice surprise, was after we ran into my girlfriend at her job she was able to hang out with us when she got off. Annnnd... She got me presents! While unpacking the Valentines Day themed things at Forever 21 she snagged me some things which she claims are for our "Convention Emergency Kit"... which, they are, but honestly they are just hella cute!

 So it all came packaged in this cute passive aggressive makeup bag which oh my, I will use for everything!

So she got me the makeup bag with matching haircrush and compact- then eyelashes, makeup brushes, sponges... and even! Kitten lint rollers!

My parent's actually loved these because we are quite nuts about our Kittens...

But yeah~! It was such a lovely surprise! She is definitely the sweetest ; 3 ; (and just in time for katsucon!) Speaking of though, I shouldn't really spend any more money before the convention, should I?


My last order of business with this extremely long post (I hope I haven't bored you!) is a coordinate I put together with just the things I bought yesterday. (which I think, is always fun to do!)

Pastel pink blouse with a black and white theme... Very, very cute! I like it because it mixes the sophistication of the blouse with some cute, and almost edgy! I'm hoping to get cute Adidas soon, and they would work perfectly with this outfit~! If not, I would definitely wear my Rocking Horse Shoes to bring some of the elegance back to the look.


Thanks so much for reading my blog post today cuties~! I hope you enjoyed everything I bought... now my question for you today is, where is your favorite store to shop at! I know a lot of us are big online shoppers, but going to the store and trying things on can be just as fun c;

I hope everyone has a wonderful rest of your day, and maybe even week!

In the future, you can look forward to...
  • Kittywood Review
  • Katsucon Outfit Post
  • Organizing my Accessories 

Bye byyye~! 

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