Wednesday, March 19, 2014

~*~ Tilly Me Review ~*~

Hiii cuties~! I hope you have all been well! Today I'm bringing you a new review on Tilly Me c:

The owner of the shop had contacted me about sending me a cute package and I eagerly accepted because I have been following Tilly Me on tumblr for a while now and everything she makes is so cute~ I have always seen her post cute things on the fairy kei tag so I was very excited when she told me she wanted to send me something. My favorite item that she offers are her hand crocheted collar so when I picked up my package from the post office, I definitely had my fingers crossed. Lucky me, that's exactly what she sent me! I can't wait to tell you all about it c:

(and remember! just because she sent this as a gift, Im still being incredibly honest! Anything sent to me as a gift or sponsored will always receive an honest review. I didn't actually have to review the collar, but I loved it so much that I thought it deserved a good review. So enjoy c:)


When it comes to the time shipping took, I honestly didn't really take note of that. I feel like when bloggers review anything that was sponsored, free, or sent as a gift shipping time shouldnt be taken into consideration! These shops need to be more concerned with sending out packages to their paying customers- so I essentially just "forgot about it" so I would be surprised upon receiving a package in the mail. (with that said, I do believe it was about 2.5 weeks? I'm not quite sure ;3;)

The collar came in one of these large envelopes! The inside was padded with bubble wrap so nothing would be damaged when shipping. Tilly Me ships from Australia too, so that is something to keep in mind.

The owner of the shop packaged my collar in this suuuuper cute Little Twin Stars bag~! I always love little personal touches like this! When ordering something online I think it's quite nice for the whole experience to magical- package opening is always really fun, and even better with cute surprises like this. I also love to keep things like this and attach them to my inspiration wall in my room c:

The bag was sealed with a sparkly purple tape and then a cute note was taped to the back as well! Just as I keep packaging, I also keep all of the notes I receive! (Ok, maybe I'm just a hoarder hmm..) But again, I think it's a really nice personal touch!

Inside the bag, the collar was wrapped further in a purple tissue paper~ With that came a business card.

The description on the card makes me suuuuper super happy because I feel exactly the same way~ I think people of all ages should be able to enjoy cute fashions! I also feel like Tilly Me's shop really stays to true this memo and the magic of their shop really reflects this~

So the collar was wrapped in the purple tissue that was also sealed with the sparkly purple tape. I was clearly really eager to open it ;3;

So here's the cute collar I received! I'm obsessed with the colors on this awe ;3;  So the collar is made with a pastel rainbow yarn and in addition to that has cute detailing with a star button and pearl beads. The rainbow color goes all the way around the back, slightly changing in color. I really love how it does that because with so many different colors I can coordinate it with a lot of different outfits! I think the edges of it is really cute. I love the way instead of just going straight around like a sailor collar, it has this little "petal" shape to it!

So here is the little star button! It's sewed onto the collar rather nicely and is used to hook the collar together. To put it on, all you do is slide this through a loop in the front and then there you go~! I think when I wear this I'm also going to attach big Magical Girl pins to it as well c:

And if you look closely on the collar, there are this cute little clear pearl gems scattered throughout! The pearls are glued on with what I assume is hot glue. And I tried pulling on them a bit to see how well they are attached and they are super sturdy! 

Overall the collar is really great! What I really love is that when it sits on your shoulders, it flairs out a bit which makes me feel extra magical ;^;

So now for the overall store review!

Shipping: 10/10

Since the package came in a super big, bubble wrap enclosed envelope nothing was harmed or damaged! I assume this will be the same for all of her products. In addition to that, it was wrapped up super safe and super cute! I love the Little Twin Stars bag and purple tissue paper. It was a really nice touch ;3;

Quality: 10/10

The quality on this piece is beyond fantastic~ It is truly excellent! There were no loose threads or yarn, and the whole thing was very sturdy. All of the beads were attached well, and the star button was also sewn on securely. I'm really satisfied with how well its made!

Design: 10/10

It's safe to say that I'm.. well, obsessed with the design of this! The colors flow really well, and the added pearls and star button are a very nice touch! And as I stated before I'm really fond of the rounded shape of the collar. The cute petal effect and how it sits on your shoulder is lovely.

Overall Customer Satisfaction: 10/10

I am so incredibly happy with this collar! Everything about it is perfect~! From the colors, shape, to the small details of it! It is also super well made, and was shipped out safely. I love how I'll be able to coordinate with a variety of different styles and can even attach my magical girl brooches to the center of it. I would definitely recommend shopping at Tilly Me!

Happy shopping everyone~~! ;3;

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