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☆ Kawaii Power Up: 2nd Review ☆

Hello cuties~! I hope everyone has been well! Today I will be doing something a little special... I'll be reviewing Kawaii Power Up again! I'm quite excited because I've never actually been sent a second sponsored package from a store before! Plus, I really loved Kawaii Power Up's goodies the first time so it was quite the adventure to be able to review for them again! So since this is the first time I'll be reviewing a shop twice there will be a slight difference in my review style- Of course I'm going to review each item individually per usual, but my end of the review "overall shop review" categories will be a little different~!

If you'd like to read my first review for Kawaii Power Up, please check it out here~
Now onto the review (*~▽~) !


Kawaii Power Up shipped out my package in a standard bubble wrapped envelope~ 

It was marked "Fragile" on the back so nothing was damaged during shipping~ The contents of the package included everything wrapped in bubble wrap with a note and a business card!

After unwrapping everything I saw all of the contents of the package were place in cute little baggies again which made me very happy ~

I love these little conversational hearts bags! I actually reuse them for my accessories while traveling! Anyway~! None of the items were damaged during shipping! Now onto the item reviews c;


The first items I will be reviewing are these cute hair clips! They all arrived together in one little bag~!

Last review, I was sent a lot of hair clips so this time I only received these three~ Which is nice because now I have the opportunity to review some of their other things. I got a cute pawprint clip as well as small wing clips!

The first clip is this sweet paw print clip! Its made from resin with a peach and light mint pigment~! Its also a little sparkly! 

On the back is a small alligator clip which is firmly attached! As far as construction is concerned I believe it is well made! All of the edges are smooth and there are no air bubbles or holes in the resin c: This clips is a lot more light weight than some of the other clips in the past which is nice because then your wig wont be too heavy! I also believe it will be very durable.

Next are these little wing clips! These cuties are actually quite little~! I see a lot of wing clips floating around which seem to be made from a larger mold (which KPU also offers!) but these wings are much smaller and add a more subtle cuteness~

These wings have the littlest of alligator clips on the back! They are so tiny and adorable ahh~! But these are also very well made! No flaws in the resin and again these little guys are very lightweight! I actually think I'll end up clipping them onto my shoes to add a small touch of cuteness to them c;


Next I'll be reviewing one of the necklaces I was sent~! This necklace also came in cute bag ;A;

This necklace is a large resin cupcake attached to a silver chain! When purchasing it from KPU though you have the option of the silver chain or a white plastic one!

First I must say I LOVE the design of this necklace! I love that the cupcake itself is three dimensional and the little hearts are poking out from the cupcake~ I also think the choice of colors is so sweet and easy to coord c:

I was also a big fan of the little gems added as sprinkles for the cupcake! I thought it was a nice touch to make the piece just a little sweeter.

As far as construction of concerned it is very good! There are a few flaws in the resin but mainly on the back of the necklaces. (just a few little holes?)

Something I found interesting is that the resin on the front appeared to be very well made but there were parts of it that weren't necessarily smooth? This doesn't effect the durability of the necklace nor design because it isn't quite noticeable at first but I did find it to be curious! And I thought I would just point it out~!

Overall though I think its a great piece! The necklace itself is very sturdy and I like how large the piece is! It'll make a great statement piece for some of my decora coordinates :D


The second necklace I received also came in a little baggy~! This necklace is a product super unique to Kawaii Power Up so I'm very excited that I was sent it~!

This necklaces features a kawaii jellyfish~! The Jellyfish itself was originally a doodle of the owners that she then created a resin mold for so you can only find this design at KPU! There are so many things I love about this so I'm so happy to be sharing it with you all~

The design itself is absolutely precious! The owner didn't know this when she sent it to me, but I actually have quite the weakness for jellyfish! (So of course I'm rather pleased hehe~) The jellyfish is a light purple color with lots of sparkles! It also has a bold black outline which makes it look more like a cartoon. For a hand-crafted mold too its very well made!

What I love about this necklace is that it has round clear beads going up the sides! I think they look like bubbles and really adds to the sea theme :D

The necklace is almost completely perfect but there is one large hole in the resin in the back! Thankfully its on the backside and doesn't affect the appearance of the necklace~ When it comes to things like small air bubbles or holes in resin I don't consider them a big deal if they don't affect the overall quality and durability of the item so I think its okay! Overall the necklace is quite solid and well made so it's alright~


The last item I will be reviewing for the shop is something brand new that Kawaii Power Up is trying out! I have quite a lot to say about this item so be prepared!

Kawaii Power Up has now started working on creating phone cases! I believe at the moment there are none available at the shop because they are a still a work in progress. Essentially its a clear phone case with glitter and cute bunny stickers~! The phone case is sealed with resin so the bunnies won't come off c:

The inside is clear as well and you can see the backs of the stickers so they are still very cute and glittery~

I think what I really love about this case is that it's so simple but still very cute~ I've always wanted a kawaii phone case but so many phone cases nowadays are all decoden cases and I'm always so afraid I will break them! With a case like this your phone can still be adorable without the worry of it breaking!

When it comes to design one of my complaints is that since the case is clear the apple logo shows through. This isn't a huge deal but I think a tip for next time would be to place the bunnies strategically over the apple in the middle so it won't show through and interfere with the design~ But I really love the stickers and I think its a fun concept to play with and I'm excited to see how it develops in the future.

As far as the construction is concerned though unfortunately there are a few things I need to point out.

When I first got the case I had little to no issues~! The only thing that stood out to me is the fact that the outside of the case did feel a little,.. tacky? Essentially the outside of the case almost felt sticky which lead me to believe the resin didn't cure properly. I decided to give the case a test drive and used it for about a week and by the end of the week the case got even tackier and there were even some air bubbles forming on the edge of the case. So I definitely believe the outer layer of resin wasn't cured properly ; A ;

Although I did have some trouble with the case I think it's important to point out that this is one couple of cases Kawaii Power Up has made and typically the rest of their items are great quality~ I just believe it will take some more time until KPU perfects the art of making cases because it is newer for them. But also! There are a lot of little things that can go wrong while using resin and it could just be the resin that they were using was older. But, ~shrug~ it happens! The cases arent for sale yet on their etsy so that gives them the opportunity to work on it :D

(I will be posting more photos later- I havent taken them just yet but do not have time atm)


Now it's time for my overall shop review! I have a couple of new categories because this is the second time around that I am reviewing their items~

On the items I received:

Shipping: 10/10

Everything was shipping in an envelope labeled "fragile", it was all wrapped in bubble wrap, and separated in little baggies! Nothing was damaged while shipping because Kawaii Power Up took many precautions to prevent anything being harmed.

Quality: 7/10

Most of the items were made really well! There were a couple flaws in the resin but nothing to change the overall durability or design of the item. The issue of quality was really with the phone case but seeing as they don't sell them yet I believe it's something KPU will be able to change for the future when they do start making them for their customers c:

Design: 10/10

The designs of their items are always so much fun! I like they they offer more trendy kawaii items like the paw print and wings but then offer more original pieces like the cupcake and jellyfish. Besides what I was just given, I think if you take a look at their etsy shop you will be very pleased with all of the different design of their pieces because it gives you a lot to choose from :D

Overall Shop Review:


I think the consistency of a shop is very important! Essentially, you don't want to have a good shopping experience one time you order from someone and then the next time find things just aren't as great as they use to be. Your customers should know that they are receiving great quality items all the time and it's not a game of Russian roulette. There are two subcategories for this category; Shipping and Quality.

Shipping 10/10:
The first time I ordered from the shop, everything was marked fragile, wrapped in bubble wrap, and then the items were even wrapped in their own individual bags. This was also the case for second time around! Everything was packaged similarly and nothing was damaged. You can definitely trust nothing would be harmed in the mail when ordering.

Quality: 8/10
When it came to things that Kawaii Power Up specialized in- hairclips and necklaces- KPU did not disappoint! All of the hairclips and necklaces were made beautifully and will last a very long time! When receiving these items from them whether it was the first or the second time everything was very beautifully made. The only issue came with the phone case which, see above for information, is a first for KPU making. The fact that they haven't sold cases yet just means they need to work on the construction of them. At least everything else was true to the original quality I was so happy about the first time I reviewed for them because I think their necklaces and clips are phenomenal! I always recommend them :D

Variety 9/10:

Something I think is also very important to take notice of when doing multiple reviews on the shop is the variety of product they sent me. I find a lot of kawaii shops lack variety in their merchandise so it's definitely something to consider. 

When it comes to Kawaii Power Up, I was very happy with the variety in types and designs of things I reviewed! All of their designs are so different from one another and I really believe that there's enough variety in their shop that anyone could find something that they liked! I loved how last time I received stars, bunnies, and bows whereas this time I received wings, cupcakes, and jellyfish! It's nice that they offer such a selection of different motifs!

I think it the future I'd love to see more different styles of things though~! For example maybe some rings and bracelets? I think their designs would look so good on either of those c;

Overall Satisfaction: 9/10

Even with the issues with the phone case I'm still just so happy with everything I received from Kawaii Power Up! Despite the construction error on that one piece everything I've reviewed these two times have been top notch! I almost always recommend checking out Kawaii Power Up for cute goods when you're interested in Japanese Street Fashion! I think their designs, bright colors, and variety is what really makes this shop shine ;)


Before I go I must address the fact that I don't have any photos modeling the items: I must admit I was very busy at the beginning of the month so I put off taking photos for Kawaii Power Up but these past few weeks I have been struggling a lot in my personal life and it's been difficult to take a decent photo of me because of how emotional I've been. No need to fret though! I will be modeling with them in the future but right now I'm unable to because of my mental health. I really wanted to do the review regardless though because Kawaii Power Up deserves it! Look for updates on my tumblr once I finish taking the photos~!

Thank you for reading and I hope everyone enjoyed my review~~!

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