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☆ Kawaiicore Review ☆

Hellloooo cuties! How have you all been? I've been prepping for Otakon like crazy lately, so I've been a little stressed! Today though I'll be bringing you a new review~ I actually have 5 reviews total to write and my goal is to get them done before Otakon because I already have two sponsor set up for August! Ahh! Im falling behind! But, in other news, Im trying really hard to step up my blogging game a bit, so I hope you'll be satisfied with this review! Just as a warning though, this post (as well as all reviews to come) is very image heavy! Which... Is not necessarily a bad thing! But just so you know~ Alright! Please enjoy ( ಠ◡ಠ )

(I also apologize in advance when it comes to some of the image quality! For some reason when uploading the photos onto blogger some of the pictures became... "foggy" for a lack of better words. No matter how I edit them they still have a dull look to them even though they look bright on my desktop! I hope this isn't the case for you all ;3;)


Today's review will be for the lovely Kawaiicore! If you haven't heard of them, that's perfectly fine~! It's my job to introduce you to new shops and to inspire you! I admit I hadn't really heard of them before either, and that's likely because they mainly only sold at conventions for a while! Well boy, am I so glad they've opened an online shop because their goodies are to die for!

Right now Kawaiicore offers a handful of necklaces and other accessories which range from incredibly sweet to a little creepy but still very cute! Their shops is all about staying sassy and has some wonderful pieces for any kawaii subculture look!

After checking out their shop I was extraordinarily excited that they chose me to review their items and I was even more so excited to share this lovely jewelry with all of you! Now, onto what I received! (≧ω≦)


The goodies were shipped in a Priority Mail box and were clearly labeled "Fragile" on the outside so nothing would get damaged in shipping!

Inside, my package was wrapped in a bubble wrap to even further the contents safety!

I opened up the bubble wrap to not only find my necklaces, but also a handwritten note from the shop owner! The stationary they used was absolutely precious, and I actually have it hanging on my wall now!

The best part about the note though was what was on the back!

Yes~! A coupon code for all of you lovely cuties to use! So now while shopping you can enter in "mahou14" to get 10% off your order~! (I'll add the coupon code to the end of the review, as well). Now, what really excited me though next to the adorable note was all of the packaging for the necklaces! 

I've found a lot while ordering online most stores will send your items either in little bags, wrapped in bubble wrap, or even loose. Which is perfectly okay, but taking the extra step to create custom packaging just shows such professionalism! Not only that, but each piece of jewelry has its own special packagaing depending on what style it is! How unique and clever! It's the little things like this that make this shop really stand out.

Now for each individual item review!


The first item I will be reviewing is their Melty Skull Sundae Necklace~! It's priced at $16 and right now is available in their chocolate cone color! I believe its made from a laser cut acrylic and the base of the cone is made out of a mirror material so it adds an extra shine!

When I received my necklace it was packaged with a "Starry Sweets" themed package with a cute candy design to match! The colors on my necklace are mint and lavender with a bright red cherry on top! It also has a pink ballchain to pair with it. What I love about the chain (besides it being pink) is that it's long enough so it's not placed awkwardly when wearing it. 

When it comes to this design of the necklace, I love that it's bittersweet but without being too dark. I find that some of my "creepy cute" jewelry may be adorable, but too creepy to wear with some of my softer coordinates. This necklace on the other hand has the nice subtle touch of the melting skulls so that it would pop in a creepy outfit, but still blend in and coord nicely with a sweet outfit. 

The construction of this necklace is just as fantastic as the design! The edges are finished beautifully and it just seems so professional. It's a very solid necklace and it appears that the separate pieces (cherry, ice cream, cone, ect) will not be coming apart any time soon! 

Lastly, the back of the necklace is a solid grey which is very traditional for most mirrored accessories. 

I am definitely very satisfied with this necklace and I highly recommend buying it for all of you sweet or bittersweet lovers!


Next I'll be reviewing their Starry Melty Moon Acrylic necklace! This necklace is priced at $14 and comes in a variety of different colors so I definitely suggest checking that out! This necklace is made of the same material as the sundae necklace so its a mirrored acrylic! Kawaiicore also offers versions of this necklace that aren't mirrors though if you'd prefer that instead!

The necklace that I received was a gold mirror moon and it's paired with a blue ballchain! The design for this packaging is much more on the spooky side compared to the last one, but still really goes with the theme of the necklace~!

The design of this necklace is quite adorable, and very creative! Right now "melty" motifs are definitely trending in kawaii jewelry and fashion but I love how this particular necklace has the stars cut out of the moon! I think that really sets it apart from some of the melty jewelry seen on the market nowadays and is just overall quite clever! Since the necklace I have is gold it will be able to work with many styles in and out of my traditional colorful fashions! I think I'll probably work it into other fashions like Cult Part Kei~! If you're interested in lolita it would pair beautifully with Angelic Pretty's Dream Sky or Misty Sky~

And just as the necklace before, this is definitely a versatile piece! Though its really classified more under creepy cute it could easily coordinate in a sweet look as well!

This necklace is still just as fantastic when it comes to quality! The mirror acrylic was a great decision for the moon because it's reflective quality makes it look sparkly giving it a dreamy feel! The edges are also finished beautifully even though it has many bends and curves. I've owned quite a few mirror acrylic necklaces in the past and they have lasted me a long time so I don't see how this necklace will be any different~! The construction is very pleasing and I should be wearing it for a long time. 

And just as the last piece, this necklace also has a grey back due to the mirror~!

(although the moon doesn't necessarily match the mecha theme, with the striking blue and gold I couldn't resist pairing it with this top!)


The last necklace they sent me was going to be a surprise, and I'm so grateful for what I received!

Kawaiicore sent me one of their Sweet And Sassy Magical Girl Henshin Wand Necklaces! This particular necklace currently isn't being sold on their website but will soon be their newest addition! This necklace is a little more expensive, $19, but is absolutely worth it!

The version of the necklace they sent me was one of their sweet ones~! The sweeter necklaces have rounded wings, heart accents and cute ears whereas the sassy wands have devil ears, bat wings, and stars.
Personally I think the designs are brilliant! I know when Im drawing magical girls I always struggle creating unique wands, so I know how difficult it can be!

The wand features gold mirrored wings as well as a gold base! The pale hearts on the staff are a nice small touch, and I love the gem between the two wings! The heart cutout itself is quite adorable because it looks like a real gem that could activate my magical girl powers at any moment!

Just the combination of colors and mirror and solid pieces make this necklace very aesthetically pleasing~!
The construction of the necklace is also perfect! It really looks completely professional because even though there are so many different aspects to the design everything is finished so smoothly. It's also very versatile and I can use it in not only mahou kei coordinates but many sweet or sassy looks as well~!

Lastly the back of this necklace is pure white~!



Now! Onto the overall shop review~!

Shipping: 10/10

I was so pleased with how everything was shipping! It was in a box marked fragile, then wrapped in bubble wrap. The best part about it is that each item had its own individual packaging. This helped keep each necklace protected, but it also just made the experience of opening my mail so much more fun!

Quality: 10/10

Each necklace was beautifully crafted~! All of the edges were so smooth and everything honestly looked so professional. Each necklace was very sturdy and seems like they will be incredibly durable and I will get lots of use out of them.

Design: 10/10

Dare I say that these are some of my favorite designs out of all my necklaces! Kawaiicore was able to appeal to the street fashion communities aesthetics while still bringing something new to the table. I really enjoyed how versatile each of the necklaces were, too! I can see myself incorporating them in many different types of fashions and I believe people shopping will be happy beacuse they can appeal to so many different types of people. I also loved how they used colorful changes to pair with each necklace! It really makes each accessory pop~!

Overall Customer Satisfaction: 10/10

I can confidently say I am more than pleased with what Kawaiicore has to offer, and I believe they will make many people in this community very happy! They offer such a great range of some incredibly made jewelry and I hope to own more from them in the future! All of their designs are perfectly sweet while still have unique qualities and dare I say that their necklaces are even a bit edgier than some I've seen in the past! Their necklaces can coord with many different styles and can either be used with other accessories or they even make some great statement pieces! You cannot go wrong when ordering from Kawaiicore~!

Don't forget~! When ordering from Kawaiicore you can use my code mahou14 to get 10% off your order~!

Happy shopping everyone~!

(✿ ♥‿♥)

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