Friday, November 7, 2014

Tilly Me: Sweater Review

Two reviews in one week! Incredible, isn't? I guess at least I'm trying to busy myself with my blog ;A; Today I will be reviewing a store that probably some of you remember.... Tilly Me! Previously I had reviewed one of Tilly Me's crouched collars, but since then Tilly Me has gone through a whole brand transformation and I'm excited to show them off!

Tilly Me is an indie brand which is located in Melbourne Australia! They make streetwear which is inspired by the 80s and the 90s and feature art by the owner~ What rocks about Tilly Me is their completely unique style that appeals to men, women, and everything in between~ This review will feature one of their rad triangle sweaters!


Alright so onto the review~! The package shipped out in a standard envelope and took a reasonable time to arrive. Something to remember when ordering is that Tilly Me does ship from Australia so unless you're local it will usually take at least 2 weeks to arrive. 

What was inside pleasantly surprised me~ Typically when receiving a package online shops will wrap your items in bubble wrap, paper, ect, but Tilly Me took this a step further and wrapped my garment in their own original packaging! 

Even though this may seem like such a little thing I was really blown away by the new branding that Tilly Me has done! I feel like even something like this really shows the progress their brand has made in just a year since I've last reviewed them~

Their original paper includes their logo, candy hearts, food, and cool mascots wearing their clothing! Tilly's art is very nostalgic and reminds me so much of 90s cartoons while still keeping a modern and fresh vibe.

Included in the package were also a couple more goodies! Instead of receiving just a business card like some shops, I received two postcards and two magnets! The postcards have Tilly's classic "Where's Mah Beans" girl featured on the front and then also cute magnets which I think I may actually give to my parents for christmas c; (Its all about the food with my family!) I really like the idea of including these goodies instead of just giving business cards because quite honestly- I may love business cards and collect them but for most people they can get lost or disposed of after opening their package. Giving a postcard and magnet instead is an interactive way to promote your brand because these are things your customers are likely to hold onto and get good uses out of! Anyway... Time to talk about the actual sweater, huh?

After unwrapping the sweater I can honestly say I was even more excited than before! This pullover is just as- and maybe even more- beautiful that it appears to be online! I'm genuinely just thrilled to have received it because Tilly's work is incredibly inspirational to me and really fits with my aesthetic. So! The deisgn of the sweater... This particular sweater is a dark pink base with blue detailing on the cuffs and then yellow triangles printed throughout. Now this sweater is a hand screen printed sweater so a lot of love when into making it!

I am quite impressed with the craftsmanship of this pullover! For being hand printed the quality is truly phenomenal. The triangle images are crisp and there are no flaws throughout the whole design~ They are also very vibrant and I feel as though they will be very durable as well.

The inside of the sweater has a Tilly Me tag sewn onto the collar~! I love when indie clothing has its own brand tag and not a generic tag because it makes the clothing feel so official ^ u ^ Even with just the design of the logo you can really feel the 80s inspiration with the colorful triangles but in addition to that it feels very Tilly Me. I think something I love about this brand is that they have a very clear vision and although you can see some of their inspirations in their work they are still very much unique and themselves in their own way.

As far as sizing is concerned, the sweaters run in mens sizes so they are a bit larger! I requested a mens medium and to give you an idea, I am 5'9 and the sweater fits beautifully! 

When it comes to the construction of this sweater, again I am also really happy! I took a lot of pictures of the seems and insides that I will be sharing on this review because I find construction of garments to be incredibly important! 

I'm just so amazed about how cleanly sewn this sweater is! There are no loose threads and the construction of it overall is incredibly professional! Something I'm also a fan of is the materials its made out of. You can't tell by the outside of it but the sweater is so incredibly soft!

It's not just cute but it will also keep me warm in the winter! For styling I'll probably pair it with a collared shirt underneath in colder weathers and then when its warm out it will just look rad ties around my waist!
Lately the way I've been styling this pullover has been in a masculine decora fashion! The bright and vibrant colors mixed with the triangular print is really great for decora and makes a great statement piece while styling it in a masculine way.

Now onto the overall shop review! Last time I had added the category "price" to the breakdown of my review and I believe its something I'll keep doing in the future! I think price is definitely something to consider comparatively to the product c;
Shipping: 10/10
If I could give shipping a 10/10 I would! Everything was packaged carefully and arrived on time! I'm still so impressed by Tilly Me's originally paper and just thrilled that they took the extra step to make everyones shopping experience more exciting. The only possible downside would be the fact that shipping from Australia can be expensive and take a decent amount of time but with that said! That is not at all related to Tilly Me as a company and is something they cannot change. Actually, if you shop right, Tilly Me will often have discount codes that will grant you free shipping! So keep an eye out for that.
Design: 10/10
The design of this sweater is fantastic! I'm quite a fan of the color choices especially. The pop of yellow on top of this pink then paired with the blue cuffs makes the sweater very vibrant and fun. I especially love the printed triangular pattern as well! The design of the sweater is clearly inspired by 80s and 90s fashion but I still feel as though it has a place in modern fashion and is not too much of a throwback. Another positive thing about the design is its versatility. I love that the sweater itself is in men's sizes because that means it's a little oversized and great for layering! Overall the design of this sweater is- dare I say, perfect!
Construction: 10/10
The construction of the sweater is another thing to be proud of~! Considering that the design is hand screen printed I'm quite impressed with Tilly Me's work. The design is crisp as well as evenly printed through the sweater. The sewing of the pullover is also fantastic! All of the seams are sewn straight and there appear to be no sewing errors or loose threads. In addition to that the way the sweater was hemmed is incredibly professional. Overall, the construction is great! I've worn the sweater multiple times already and it's definitely holding up beautifully!
Price: 10/10
This Tilly Me sweater is priced at $75, which is actually less than the original price which I believe was around $95. And let me tell you, its still worth 95 in my opinion! The quality of this sweater is genuinely out of this world. I find there are many sweaters just in the mall that are priced undeservingly at 75 and here we have an indie designers hand printed sweater priced the same! I believe not only is $75 reasonable, but it's actually a steal!
Overall Customer Satisfaction: 10/10
I can honestly say I am blown away by the quality, and professionalism of Tilly Me. It's been such a great experience to see their brand grow and change and to have the opportunity to review them at two different stages in their career. Everything about my current experience has been essentially perfect! From opening the package and seeing their rad custom paper, to discovering how amazing the sweater is that they sent me. Honestly I wear it nearly every day! I would highly recommend this sweater and everything else Tilly Me offers so please check them out!


  1. The sweater is very unique!!!!! Vibrant colours and so cheery !! I love it and it looks amazing on you !

    Really cool blue hair and your sneakers are so cool!

    恵美より ♥

  2. Oh I like it a lot! The colors are so beautiful =O <3